Negative or Lower Earnings! Why?! Read This Please

Hello Motivators!

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If you checked your Earnings page, you will see a lower amount than the previous one you checked it, or, if you were paid a few times already, you will be seeing a negative amount! We are trying to backtrack all the pending views not yet pulled out of our analytics. Unfortunately, it also means that we will go back and pull out again the page views that we have since March 2014 (Approximately 180 days).

As we give you the access to the Detailed Stats Table in your earnings page, some of you noticed that there are posts that have zero views, as I investigated it, some of the pageviews are not yet pulled out from the analytics report of our separate system, all are intact, but since these data are not yet pulled out, your statistics are not updated, and it cost delay to your earnings, as well.

Today, we are going to hasten the process, but we have to back track the data, and we are resetting everything right now. We hope that the process will be completed before the payday so we can send out the payments on time.

If the process will not be completed before the payday, we will not send out the earnings for August on August 31, but we will send out the prizes for the comment contest and the rewards for the sticky posts. In this case, your August earnings will be sent in the mid of September, or as soon as the back track is complete (whichever comes first).

We hope that after this process, you will not see any post with zero views after 12 hours of its publication.

Thank you for your patience!


-Prime Aque

Technical Admin

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19 thoughts on “Negative or Lower Earnings! Why?! Read This Please”

  1. wahhh I am frantic.. frantic.. wahhhhhhhhhhhhh… what’s happening… what’s going on

    ahhh I see.. Ok I understand.. phew.!

    good morning….

    • Take a chill pill. Are your hormones out of balance? You are at D2D. You are never left in the dark wondering what’s going on. lol

      • just kidding about it and trying to goof around. … I heard about the chili pill. is that the same with Cayenne pill?

        of course I never left d2d every time I have a free time I am here… this is my home.. away from home. in fact I am more often here than in facebook

        • Thank you so much for that @mavic123456:disqus the earnings will be back to normal hopefully next week, and you will be getting a more reliable statistics on your end.

          • I have no doubt about the site. so I am not really worried. by the way have you received my PM?

      • Hello @irenenevins:disqus thank you so much for the trust my friend! Yeah, and I am asking an apology for the said delay, but the update is almost complete now!

  2. Thanks for the heads up bro @simplifiedblogging:disqus members will understand although there’s a confusion on the earnings update recently.

  3. That’s why I was wondering why my earnings was already more than $1 because I was not able to cash out last July, so it was a carryover from last month.
    why did it reverted to $.85 now?

    • Hello @disqus_TX22UBwzf9:disqus we are trying to backtrack the data available since March, so eventually your earnings will reverse back, but as soon as the update is complete, you will be seeing accurate earnings. Nothing will be lost.

  4. I understand your predicament Prime. I appreciate the pains you take to develop the site and bring it to the fore front. My God bless you with all the vim, vigor and vitality.

  5. I trust that you will do what is best for all of us here. Good luck with all the endeavors in making this community a true haven for writers.

    • This is the best thing we can do to protect the interest of the community Sis, by taking this steps, we expect that they will continue to put their trusts on us.

  6. Thanks for letting us know. It just shows how important and valued good communication is. Good luck at getting it all through in time.


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