Writing for Money Online: Tips and Guides for Higher Income

Some of you might have a shallow knowledge and experience in writing online, but don’t misinterpret what I’ve said in my first line. What I mean is that some of you might be so good in writing while others are just mediocre, but in some point, even how much you push and even how hard you’ve tried you find yourself lost in nowhere because earnings is too slow and low.

Do not lose your passion and eagerness in writing online, you just lack an important tool for you to harness your writing skills – and that is how you monetize and write for money. In writing for money online, you don’t need to be so clever to build a high quality generating post, for writing money for online is very different in writing articles in your school publication.

How is it different? You might consider reading the brief tips and guides below – this will enlighten you to a broader perspective of blogosphere (the world of blogging):

  • Write for your readers not for yourself – I want to clarify this because some writers/bloggers write what they feel and experience in life and that is okay. But always remember, online surfers search for answers and reliable sources for what they are searching for. If you want to earn and generate more income in writing you better write what readers wanted to find online.
  • Creative writing is good but evergreen is better – If you are a blogger and you wanted to create your personal blog or write for a revenue sharing site you better consider this. Readers and searchers online search for answers as what I have told you earlier. Evergreen articles will drive traffic in decades, while creative writings will not.
  • Use Search Engine OptimizationSome of you might find this thing hard and unfamiliar, but this is pretty easy to understand. I will give you a brief hint/cue of what SEO really works for money making online.

Like for example:

  1. Topic: How to Partition a Hard Drive? (Make it simple but catchy)
  2. Keywords you must include: computer, laptop, tutorial for partitioning HD etc. You can use Adwords/keywordplanner of google in determining keywords with high searches and low completion.
  3. Algorithm:  this is about how many times does the word was repeated. But remember not to spam and avoid overly using the word.

Hope I have made some good points here. This comes from my blogging experiences and I myself is using and doing all this stuff. This will surely help you if you wanted to level up your writing career online.

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Kenneth Clutario Agudo is an enthusiast blogger who loves writing about relationships, society, travel, money making, blogging tips, creative writing etc. Leading to pro-blogging!

21 thoughts on “Writing for Money Online: Tips and Guides for Higher Income”

  1. Great tip, @kennethclutarioagudo:disqus ! This would help our members to make their posts more interesting and earn more.

      • I may have been seen by a few of our members from different writing sites for the past 2 years and I consider myself as an ordinary writer but the only difference is, I have a passion in writing that whether I earn a lot from a site or not, I will continue sharing my thoughts for as long as there are people who will be reading my work.

        • That is true @Jenny. As long as we have the passion in writing we will evolved into a better and much clever writer. We only need to keep that passion burning and at the same time, more reading habits 🙂

  2. well written and straightforward. I hope I can as beautiful as you are… hmm.. i am new in this venture.. maybe I will someday…

  3. Writing “evergreen” content is certainly important to build up a good residual income. Telling people “goodnight” or what you had for dinner will earn a few cents for a short time – but to have articles that people will find via their searches months and years from now is the key to having a regular income. My SEO knowledge is poor, but I’ll learn, and I don’t really “do” Facebook etc ….

  4. Nice tip. I just could not say more words to describe it but it is a great help not only to me but to all who read it.


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