Writing Challenges and Practices that Improved My Writing Skills

Recently, I have taken on a new challenge and I want to share this challenge with you.

I have tried to write more, be more intentional of setting time aside to write more.

Why have I set this Blogging and writing challenge?
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Because I want to continue to grow and expand my blog, freelance work, and continue to strive to be the best blogger that I can be!

Through this little challenge I have already picked up several valuable lessons that I want to share with you today.

We all know that it takes a lot of work to get people interested in your blog.  And we all want our blog to do the following:

  • ignite a community
  • build momentum
  • create conversation
  • get readers wanting more

We all know these simple facts that I just mentioned and how true they are to becoming an great blogger. Though, I have quickly learned if you continue to just say whatever other blog has said before, if you just want to fit in, and if you want to continue to be plain, boring, and even stale go right ahead.

If you want to actually learn simple writing lessons that I have learned recently going through this writing challenge and how I have improved my writing skills already!  These lessons will make you a better writer guaranteed just give it a try and prove me otherwise.

Improve Your Writing Skills Today

Read Out Loud

One of the biggest things that I have noticed is how quickly you can pick things up if you take the time to do them.

I have started picking up a well written book and tried to read out loud to myself a full chapter a day.  As silly as this may sound, this works and it has helped me tremendously.

Think about when you were just starting to learn how to read and write, what would you do?  I remember I would sound out the words, continue to try to read out loud, and was read to by my parents every night.

This works give it a try!  Try it for just one week and see how much your writing improves!

 Join a Writing Group

You can find a writing group in just about in every local community to join.  This is a golden opportunity to have helpful tips, suggestions, and just an open feedback from other quality writers.

I know of several different opportunities that I had found through my local library, meet up, and even through forums offering writing groups.

When I to this writing challenge to heart and I saw my writing improve was when I started to surround myself with other great writers to support, suggest, and just learn from them.

Find a group of writers and start learning from others today!

Challenge Yourself

I am a very competitive person and when I decided to really challenge myself is when I started to see more results and improvement with my writing.

A simple writing challenge that you are willing to commit to and willing to accomplish can give you the momentum that you need and are looking for to start improving your writing skills now.

This can look different for a lot of different people, but I personally like the 30 day challenges.  Some would suggest at least 21 days of doing something, because many will say that it takes 21 days to do something to create a habit.

Challenges that I have seen:

  • Blog once a day for 30 days
  • Post a picture once a day for 30 days
  • Free write for at least 5 minutes nonstop  once a  day
  • Print off your favorite blog post each day and read it out loud to yourself
  • Create a challenge with another blogger

The opportunities are endless so just be creative, thinking long term, and improve your writing by challenging yourself.

It has ignited me to become a better writer and I know can work for you!

Review, Read, and Re Write

Always review your writing before you hit the submit button.  After a full review, read it over out loud one more time.  I have found myself just reviewing it I still read it like I just wrote, but when I stop to read it out loud is when I personally find most of my writing mistakes.

Through reading my work out loud, gives me the opportunity to re write whatever does not sound great.  The more details given to rewriting the better feedback I have received from my readers.

Make sure you taking the additional time review, read, and re write to become the best writer that I know you become deep down.

Use Resources

I have started using more online tools and resources that have improved writing.   There are tons of them out there. Personally, I have started to use grammarly, and I have seen a huge difference in my writing.

One specific about this resource is that it will not create your grammar, it helps explain and teaches you why the suggested change.  This resource only has improved my writing skills that others can see the results of my writing getting better.

What are you going to take away and start improving on?

I want to hear from my readers thoughts on how you have improved your writing?  Please share your comment and let’s start improving together!

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Prime Aque is the back-end guy of Self-Help. He is a blogger and WordPress front-end designer. Importantly, he is a husband and a father of three wonderful kids. His firstborn are twin girls. He loves writing and sharing.

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  1. Great writing tips and such focus. I’m learning so much from you here. Just like any other skill, writing requires practice, practice, practice in order to improve. You’re on the right track and will definitely improve. Thanks for sharing.



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