Write A Tip Article That Could Make You More Money

In order to create a surefire tip article that could continuously make you money, then you should place below considerations into your writing content.

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1. Write a evergreen topic. Instead of writing on trending topic such as local news, entertainment news or political issues, how about consider to write evergreen content tips such as sharing on how to reboot PC, tips taking snap shoot on hand phone and weight lose tips. Those articles will get decent of traffic whole long year and people are usually would love to search similar tips online.

2. SEO keywords place within content. When talking about writing online, then you surely can’t miss out SEO (search engine optimization) skill. Another great way to enhance your SEO juice is to place in relevant and top searches keywords inside your content. An article with optimized SEO keywords can easily been indexed by search engines and will appeared on first page within short period of time. Once your article been crawl by search engine’s spider, then traffic will flow in automatically. You just need to wait money come into your pocket passively.

3. Appropriate writing niche. You need to choose a right niche to tip writing, consider to focus on those that famous and top searches by internet users. Niche such as weight loss, video games and computer accessories are topics that could let you crowed by visitor whole year long.

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7 thoughts on “Write A Tip Article That Could Make You More Money”

    • That’s true my friend. The better we write, the better the passive income we can get. Of course we can always go back to our published works and do some tweaking every now and then. this way our content remains up to date and relevant.

  1. These are very sensible. I a world where online writing is becoming more competitive, it takes more than just knowledge and skill in writing. We have to learn how to survive and thrive in the online world.


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