Working on electronics

Working on electronics can be a dangerous hobby or profession that requires good safety precautions and standards; the correct use of equipment and tools.

Here are some safety tips to keep you safe as you work:

  1. Always unplug the power connected to whatever circuit you’re working on.
  2. When reconnecting the power, make sure your circuit is safety inspected thoroughly.
  3. Work with tools and equipment with non-conducting handles.
  4. Always work in a well-ventilated environment, lead fumes from solder is poisonous.
  5. Work on a clean and dry surface to avoid accidents.
  6. Be extra careful when handling capacitors, even with the power disconnected the capacitors may hold a charge which can discharge through you if not handled carefully.
  7. Wear an antistatic wristband when working on sensitive components.
  8. Have a first aid kit close by in case of an unexpected accident.


However you perform your work, always be wise and safe; prevention is better than cure.

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