Working Abroad –Things You Should Know

Are you a risk taker person? If yes, go ahead!

Do you have plan to go abroad for work? There are several things that you should considered before applying any job abroad.

Searching a job in any areas within your country is very difficult. Unless, you are a graduate and belongs to the top 5 of your class.

Mostly, companies are absorbing those students who undergo an OJT with them. Prominent companies like Coca-Cola, Pepsi, IBM, Microsoft and many others, sponsored a scholarship grant to deserving individuals to be their future employees.

How about those who are belongs to the average students in the class? They are the one who find it hard to have a decent job in their respective places.

Around 70% of them falls into different agencies in nearby cities to apply for any job abroad. Well, if a person bears patience and hardwork they become successful.

One thing, job seekers should think many times what would be the sacrifices they are going to make before they reach that particular level of employment.

Overseas Filipino Workers should think the following before they start seeking a job overseas:

  1. Family

The reason why you want to work away, it’s because of your family.

Are you willing to leave your loveone’s? Can you fight the homesickness while you are away from them?

Your family is your inspiration. Whatever hardship might happen in your work, you should put it in your mind, you did it because you love your family and you want them to have a better and bright future. Homesickness is normal and no one are excuse. Homesick might attack within 3 months after arrival. Bear in mind, if others can do, why you can?

  1. Financial

Being an applicant, expect that you need to spend money. For the preparation of your documents such as NBI, Passport, and many others. Transportation allowances from the beginning of your work adventure until you are scheduled for flight. There are hundreds of expenses you need to consider.

Can you afford to finance? Is there somebody who can help you to shoulder the expenses that might incurred during that period? If positive response, just continue.

  1. Vices

You are not anymore in your homeland. You are there for work. If you cannot avoid the vices you normally did in your country, better to minimize it. Vices can lead you to poverty or even dangerous to your life. SAVE FOR YOUR FUTURE!

  1. Obedient

The most important thing you need to know. Follow all the laws in the country you are working with. Countries have different laws. You need to follow them all, to avoid any inconvenience during your stay. Violating there rules and laws is dangerous. It can even lead you to death.


I hope that job seekers can get a lessons what I enumerated above. If you will apply all it, you will be successful in your working career.


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13 thoughts on “Working Abroad –Things You Should Know”

    • I never think bro that I would take a risk to go here at early age. In fact, I was satisfied with my financial flow while working in our country. When my mom about to leave on us, I spent most of my money to save her. However, we can’t control all the things beyond God’s plan. I lost hope and I think all was lost. I was so disperate. Then, I started to think I need to rise again. My father and my siblings needs me. I wanna try to work away from them, thinking about there bright future. I was 35 years old at that time, I went to Manila to start my adventure. However, it wasn’t easy to find a job a abroad. When I was about to give up, good news came. Now, I am here for the second time. No more worries about any financial problem. I learned to be a risk taker and a gambler. I learned to gamble my life..Hehehe

      • Nice of you to share this tidbit about your life. We have received several offers to go to New Zealand. But we barely gave it much thought.

        i’m glad that it worked out well for you. It’s obvious you’re enjoying yourself. I bet it’s not all fun but there are rewards that outweigh the burdens.

  1. Sometimes the promised income abroad seems very impressive, because a Filipino may compare it with live expenses here in the Philippines. But it is important to consider that abroad even a simple living will be much more expensive and your higher salary abroad is effectively not even so high when you pay for a small apartment, daily food, insurances and possibly medical care.


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