Why You Should Use Grab Car


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What I am about to share to you today is in relation to my previous article posted more than a month ago, “Benefits You Get from Grab Taxi” http://day2daytips.com/the-benefits-you-get-from-grab-taxi/

Grab Taxi Philippines have launched another service early this year which they called Grab Car.  It is also the same concept with Grab Taxi.  You book a ride using their application which you can download for FREE from Google Play or App Store.  Check if there are available vehicles in your area.  Input your pick-up location and the drop off point then wait for a driver to respond.

The difference between Grab Taxi and Grab Car are the following:

  • Grab Car has a fixed rate.  It might be a little pricey as to compare to Grab Taxi, however, even if you will be stuck in traffic, or use a different route to go to your destination, the fare is just the same.  No additional fees, no booking fees.
  • Grab Car uses luxurious cars to pick you up.  If I am not mistaken they have available Nissan Teana, Nissan Camry, Nissan Patrol, Mitsubishi Montero, Mini Cooper, and Hummer.  Yes, they have Hummer.  But the thing is, you can’t pick what type of car or vehicle you want.

Another reason why you should use (or at least try) Grab Car is because they have an on-going promo until second week of October.  If you book a “Grab Car”, they will knock off 200 pesos from your fare regardless how far or near you are.  Last weekend, I went to attend my friend’s daughter’s baptismal.  The venue was quite far from where I am residing.  If I will take the train and jeep, it can be tiresome.  If I will take the Grab Taxi, it might cost me more than 200 pesos because it is far and it can be really traffic.

When I booked Grab Car for the first time, I saw the fixed rate to my desired destination would cost me 400 pesos.  But since there was a promo, all I needed to pay was 200 pesos.  I can’t believe that I have experienced having my own private driver riding in a luxurious Mitsubishi Montero that is clean, spacious, and great air-conditioning for only 200 pesos.  Even if there was traffic on the way, I didn’t mind because I was so comfortable with my ride.

The only downside that I could think of now with Grab Car is they do not have a lot of units yet.  When I booked the car, it took me almost 30 minutes waiting because in my area, they were just three of them.  I do hope that in the future, they could add more units because I am pretty sure that Grab Car will be in demand because of its reasonable fare, safety, and courteous drivers.  I can’t wait to try more of their luxurious transportation in the future.  I am really going to take advantage their promo until it last.  Who knows? maybe the next vehicle that is going to pick me up is the Hummer.  Not all of us have the opportunity to ride a Hummer.

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