Why You Should Consider Making A Blog Post Series

Let’s face it: if we all knew what makes an audience want to follow a blog, we would all be successful at it. As it is, the only thing we can do is to follow the rules of blogging, generate as much relevant and useful content as we can, and hope for the best.

It isn’t all that bad however. There are actually a lot of tricks and methods we can employ to increase our chances of capturing–and retaining–the audiences’ attention.

One oft-neglected method is creating a blog post series.

writing-blog-post-seriesAs the name suggests, a blog post series is simply a number of posts that cover a specific subject matter, procedure, or concept. Each post typically deals with a specific topic within its broader subject matter. Succeeding posts often refer to previous ones, and going through the entire series is required in order to get a firm grasp on the subject matter.

Why you should create one

So why should you create a blog post series? One of the most important reasons for doing so is to provide your audience with detailed information that they would otherwise find difficult to digest.

For example, a multi-page treatise on aquaphonic gardening may not go over particularly well with beginners. By breaking all that information up into specific segments however, the complex subject matter becomes much easier to understand.

Blog post series will also help you come up with more focused content. Since there is no need to fit a variety of subjects into one post, you can have your entire post focus on one specific aspect of the subject. This in itself may help improve your visitor retention, since most will be more attracted to concise and focused content.

Blog post series are also useful from an SEO and monetization standpoint. Creating a series allows you to forge deeper associations between the blog and the keywords in the actual content. This benefit is particularly valuable, given the role that SEO plays in attracting an audience to a site.

A less tangible but no-less-important benefit is what a blog post series can do for your online reputation.

There are many more benefits to setting up a blog post series, but those are some of the most compelling. So instead of trying to convince you any further, I will instead walk you through the steps involved in creating your own series.

Creating an effective blog post series

Making an outline is a good place to start, and it will help you present your content in as organized a manner as possible. Without an outline, things can get out of hand quickly from an organizational standpoint, so take some time to make even just a basic one.

You should also make a timeline for the entire series. This will allow you to space out your content strategically, and build to a satisfying conclusion by the end of the series. A timeline will also make it easier for you to stay on track in terms of when your content should be published.

Finally, make it easy for your audience to work their way through the series whether they want to read through your posts in sequence or they want to go back to an older post. This will help ensure a higher reader count and a longer shelf life for the series, both of which are beneficial to the status of your blog.

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