Why We Still Get Pimples at over 20 years old and How To Help Prevent It


We all thought that after we were over the teen-age part of life we can also say good bye to those pimples. Me I did not have that many pimples when I was younger, just a few but they cleared up fast. Now I’m in my 50’s and I am still getting pimples. I get so frustrated. Then I read about some of the cause and some tips to help lessen or even prevent pimples. It isn’t funny being a 54 yr old with a big pimple on the nose, side of the face or chin and foreheads. I noticed my pimples form around my forehead.

Here are some possible causes and some suggestions to help you. But i will not suggest any beauty products because each person has a different reaction to different products, if I do mention because it works for me.

  1. Hormones – it could be happening around that “certain time” of the month for females. Especially if it happens regularly during the month and then disappear.
  2. Change of diet or too much oily and fat food. Sweets can also cause pimples. If you suddenly change your diet sometimes your system will go haywire for the first time and cause breakouts.
  3. Stress – that I think is my number one problem. When we get too stressed out our gland over work and cause oily glands to secrete more oil than necessary, causing a pimple to form.
  4. Too much make-up and even too much anti-aging moisturizers – too much can clog the pores and build up dirt in the pores, hence another pimple and sometimes gets infected.
  5. Smog, dirt and dust – the most common cause. These also will clog your pores.
  6. Shampoo, conditioner even hair dye. Sometimes we get allergic to it and will cause pimples. Like me I had my hair dyed and after a few days pimple started to break out on my forehead. I guess the dye used in the parlor did not work for me. So I will be sticking to my old dye.
  7. Using your cellphone, iphone, Phablets or whatever gadgets for a long time. When you are pressing these on your face you are transferring a lot of germs too.

Here are some suggestions you can follow:

  • lessen fatty foods and sweets in your diet.
  • Try to relax and lessen your stress.
  • Use less make-up or the oil free ones so it won’t clog the pores.
  • Find shampoos and other hair products that will not cause you allergies and rinse them out properly and rinse your face too.
  • when using your phone switch ears often don’t leave it in one place where it heats up and especially the touch pads where all the germs from your fingers transfer there. If there is an anti-bacterial cleaner for phones . clean your phones frequently. It was also suggested that you can use a gently benzoyl peroxide pad, one you would use to clean your face , just wipe over it gently.
  • Most important is to always clean your face before sleeping and coming in from a smoggy or dusty place. Find a soap or facial cleaner which works well for you and use it. When you wake up also wash your face. When you come home from traveling wash your face, use a facial cleaner and toner to help close open pores and uses an oil free moisturizer.
  • Salicylic-acid-containing facial cleanser is the most suggested kind to look for. Sometimes I buy the salicylic acid and dab on the pimple after I clean it. It helps dries the pimples and won’t leave a dark mark.
  • Choose make-up or moisturizes that do not contain too much oil products like petrolatum, lanolin, cocoa butter and other oils. Check if there is too much maybe one that has just the lanolin or just cocoa butter would be fine but if all of them are present that is too much. There are water based products and oil-free ones too.
  • Never prick your pimples. It will aggravate it more and maybe get infected. If it dries it will leave pock-marks or even dark spots which will be harder to clear. I would only suggest that a dermatologist do that if they think it is necessary.
  • Here is one thing suggested to me by my elders and it does work. We were told to put a little saliva on the pimple, usually when you wake up before eating or even after brushing or gargling. It is said to help dry it. And it does to me. There are others but I don’t think they would really work but this has.

Hope some of these tips will help you. A clean fresh face helps prevent pimples. But if none of these work, I would suggest you visit a dermatologist, there might be something else wrong. Other suggestions would be nice to know.

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13 thoughts on “Why We Still Get Pimples at over 20 years old and How To Help Prevent It”

  1. Acne is very common skin problems and you are right those you mentioned above are the factors why we have it. And thanks for those tips you shared above they are helpful to eradicate acne.

  2. This is great advice. I haven’t had any break outs since I was in my mid 30’s . Thank goodness. I wash my face twice a day and drink plenty of water.

  3. I never had problems with pimples ever since. (thanks to good genes)

    but I never thought that shampoo and hair products can cause them too.


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