Why We Need to be Assertive

One of my part-time jobs is selling die-cast toys.  I am not really selling to earn but to reduce my collections and keep the ones that I really, really like.  I have been collecting hotwheels die-cast toys since the early 2000 and I have now more than 200 pieces of them.  I know they are not as many as to compare to hardcore collectors but for me, they are too many to keep.  So I decided to sell the items that I am no longer interested in and use the money to buy the ones that I really like.

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Some of my buyers prefer shipping because we could not agree where to meet and what time.  I recently availed a courier or a shipping service.  It is quite new and the fees were cheaper compared to the established courier service companies.  I tried this courier service few times already and the service was okay.

Unfortunately, last week, I have experienced the most horrible incident.  My buyer should have gotten his items the day after my items were picked up from their rider but instead, he received it three days after.

We need to be assertive because in this scenario, it is our name that is being drag to the mud here not the courier service.  The courier service might already have a lot of customers because I saw in their website, they are the accredited courier service for a particular online group buying site.  Therefore, they don’t care if they lose you as their customer but losing YOUR client’s trust is a big deal.

We need to be assertive not because we want to bully the Customer Service Agents and be arrogant but because we deserve to get the service the is entitled to us.  We paid for that service therefore it is our right to receive the service that was promised to use.

There may be some customers who are tend to be abusive.  They tend to demand things that are not appropriate.  That is not the reason why we need to practice assertiveness.  We just want the company to be aware that their personnel are not doing their jobs as committed.

We need to be assertive so that they will know that what they are doing (being unprofessional and unreliable) should not be tolerated.  It is not okay to be late especially if they have advertised otherwise in their website.  Being late is not acceptable especially in Food Deliveries.  The reason why a customer picked your service is because they are amenable with the terms like 30 minute-delivery or less.  People are hungry so beyond 30 minutes can be unacceptable if they ordered food for a lot of people.

We need to be assertive so that the supervisor or the owner of the company will be aware that his or her subordinates are not doing their jobs properly.

We need to be assertive not because we want to get freebies from them like discounts, reimbursement, or gift certificates but because that is our right as the consumer.

Personally, I hate complaining because it stresses me out.  But if I know that I have spent for a service, I want that service to be delivered 100%.

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  1. Should you have a contract with that courier service provider that if they fail, you will not pay for their service?


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