Why Such Low Number of Votes on D2DTips

I must have given the admins a massive headache by now with my suggestions and ideas but I have just one more observation to make and a solution to suggest for the site improvement. (I promise solemnly that this will complete my quota of suggestions for the month of June)

For the past few days, I have been reading lots and lots of Day2DayTips and I have noticed a trend among most members. Though we all read each other’s tips and many of us love to comment on the posts, I have notice that very few people take the trouble of rating the tips.

I was just going through the Awesome Tips column and to my surprise most posts have got just 2-3 votes and some not even a single rating. The most I noticed is 5 Votes.

I know this is a young site but we have more than 250 members now. Even if 20% of members are very active, there should still be about 50 people posting, reading and commenting on the tips.

I think Day2DayTips should offer 2 or 5 points to its members to vote and rate tips from 1-5. It will serve three purposes.

  • Best tips will rise to the top
  • With 20-30 votes, the members will know how valuable their tips truly are.
  • I am sure readers will also trust tips from motivators who have large number of votes on their tips.

Of course, each member should be able to vote only once per tip.

I am sure we can all trust each other to be objective and not give a rating to please each other but base our opinion on merit and how well written or useful the tip is for general readers.

As always I would love to know what other people think of this suggestion. Please feel free to agree or disagree and show your approval/disapproval by voting on the stars.

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8 thoughts on “Why Such Low Number of Votes on D2DTips”

    • Haha..that could be the title of next D2DTips announcement “Let No Tip Go Unrated”. Cast your vote and win points.

  1. Hello @gulrukhtausif:disqus you have a great suggestions here, but as of now, we want people or readers vote on your tips without an exchange, because we want this process to be natural. However, we will consider this one in the near future.

    As of putting your tips in the spotlight, we have added a few features that will help blow life to your old tips.

    On the sidebar, active motivators are displayed there, when someone click on it, they will be redirected to motivator’s profile page, and he/she can choose to display “posts” published by the motivator.

    And we have the recommended tips just below each tip, and on the bottom portion of the site.

    • Yes, @Prime. These are great additions and a wonderful way of putting active motivators and their tips under spotlight. Thank you for listening to our suggestions. I am sure this will greatly increase our views and enhance readership. Thumbs up!

  2. Prime was able to make some few changes on the site. As with your suggestion now, I think rating other tips should be something that a member should voluntarily do without anything in return. Coz some members might just keep on giving out rates just for the sake of having points and the whole idea of learning through the tips or the normal process might be bypassed or forgotten.

    • The changes are really great and give lot of visibility to active motivators and their tips. I am sure it will motivate all of us to submit even better tips.
      Regarding my post, I just like to suggest new things. Of course the final decision is in the hands of admins and I never feel bad if a suggestion is turned down. You guys know what is best for the site and I truly appreciate the fact that you give so much importance to our suggestions and concerns.

  3. Yes, the suggestion is nice to motivate members, but just let them(us) voluntarily rate the author based on our perception of the post. We just sometimes forget to vote because we are in a hurry to read more posts. (LOL!)

    • Yes, that’s true for me too. While I am reading a post, I also look at Recent discussion comments on my right side and I see some very interesting tips and @Mavic‘s comments on them and forget to vote. (LOL)


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