Why Presentation Matters

The saying” content is king” is no secret. This saying explains that in the end, what matters is the meat of your writing. I agree with that. However, I think putting up a bit of presentation is important too. A good way of illustrating my point is to give you an example through food.


It is often said that if the food is delicious, people will come back no matter what. However, a restaurant owner cannot expect to be discovered if the food does not look appetizing. While good food is important, one still needs a bit of pizzazz when it comes to preparation. Presentation may not be everything… but it sure can help. Good food prepared the right way catches your eyes and immediately makes you want to taste it. Look at these food and drinks:

Photo credit: from my own album

Didn’t that make you want to eat? Of course it did! It’s the same thing with writing. If you put a catchy title, put up enticing pictures and format it in a way that isn’t an eyesore, people are bound to get curious and will want to “get a taste” of your writing, so to speak. Oh, and you can even include pictures, or GIFs like the one I made here: How To Make A Moving Animated GIF


Credits: images and content by g2narat 😉

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Woots! I have lots of fun tips for you! 🙂 Some will be more serious than others of course, but I do try to spice a lot of tips with humor whenever possible. Don't be fooled by my informal demeanor though, I mean every tip I give, I just like to make people smile in the process too! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Why Presentation Matters”

  1. Yes, that’s true. presentation is important, as in advertising it entices buyers/users to patronize your product.The same with writing, good titles catch readers.

  2. the trouble with me is when I see such beautiful presentation… I can’t eat them anymore.

    ohhh nooo….. I thought you are talking about food. LOL yummy

      • haha true I just want to look at them, and figured out how it was done and think if I can do those designs also, but of course you are talking about your content… this is a very nice analogy of artilcle

  3. Sometimes, the eyes need to be satisfied first before really trying to taste a certain food. And with regards to reading an article, a catchy title should be able to really get one interested to read the whole post.


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