Why is it good to wake up with enough time?

When I set my alarm clock I try to have enough time not only to wake up and be ready to go out and take the bus but I try to give myself a margin of 30 minutes. In my personal experience, I feel that when I have only enough time to have breakfast and get ready to take the bus I feel more in a hurry. And although you may think that you will enjoy these 30 minutes in your bed, this extra time usually will not make a big difference and instead, waking up early will allow you to mentally prepare yourself to start your day while you stand up and change your clothes. You don’t need to hurry up! In my case when I have to do things in a hurry I feel more tired. Moreover you will not have to deal with the pressure of being late. Remember that things that you were not expecting can happen making you late. If you have some extra time you can deal with these type of problems.

Do you agree with me? Also what do you do to be in time?

1 thought on “Why is it good to wake up with enough time?”

  1. I need to cook breakfast during schooldays at least by 4:30am. But I have my alarm on at 4 o’clock. This allows me to do some stretching and enough time for me to get myself real awake. It’s hard to wake up in the morning sometimes.


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