Why I am Not Here Often

I don’t think this is a tip but more of information. I have not been writing much because I have not time to really research. Also we have our town fiesta this 22nd of Sept. So I have been busy and stressed. I was also sick for a few days.

Also in all honesty the site has been slow. Maye because of internet connection? I see a lot of new and good writers, maybe that is why my post do not have any views or comments. That is ok but it makes me lazy to write. I am trying too, but I get disappointed. There are also some glitches on my site too. Don’t get me wrong I love writing here but sometimes I get writers block. I like to make good posts, but yes seeing no comments or views makes me sad and makes me feel insecure and makes me think I am not a good writer.  But I will still write here coz I know I will earn something no matter what and maybe some do read my posts. Maybe not as much as before and my earnings are low. But I will not leave here. Hopefully I will get the inspiration.

Another sad thing. Just as I wrote about making it easier for your family when you leave, I received bad news. My aunt died last Sept. 15. We knew she was sick but we did not expect it. I know her family is prepared. Actually we were expecting my uncle (her husband to go first) He is my mom’s older brother who is also sick and has Alzheimer too. They have only 3 sons and sad to say the middle son died 2-3 years ago. So now I am stressed because she will be buried this Sat. the 20th just 2 days before our fiesta. So now I am rushing to get things done so I can attend the burial. I visited her just this afternoon. She was the piano teacher of all of us cousins up the the grand children. She taught us all for free. Her eldest son even opened a Yamaha School of Music for her in Iloilo when he was able too,and a 3nd branch in another suburb in the city. She was the first music graduate of the family. My daughter learned from her. Even at 88 she was still playing the piano she only got weak this year. She will be missed.

So please bear with me and maybe I will be missed hehe. I will be back just have to finish all my personal and family obligations.

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single mom. I love to cook, read books and most esp., I love dogs. I also love to blog, been blogging since 2012 but still learning. I write blogs for 5 different sites so I am getting more experienced.

7 thoughts on “Why I am Not Here Often”

  1. My heartfelt condolences….

    i have also not been active lately because of juggling between my daytime job and the business which i have recently started. i have also noticed that there are new writers but the interaction between members has been slow. i hope they could take time to get to know each other through the great articles they share.

    i am missing Day2DayTips, too.

      • cheer up… sometimes we can’t hold anything and everything at our hands… we can always put them down to rest and get them later again…

        I am not here often too because this is end of the term so I need to finish all lessons and grades plus I will have English Camp for two consecutive saturdays.

  2. That was sad. Your Auntie had been your family treasure in terms of music. You are very very busy. See you again here!

  3. Everyone gets writers block sometime. Thinking about all that is going on in your family, it can not be easy. Take care of yourself. I hope, to read more of your article, when you are ready to write again.


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