Why Eating at the Food Court is the Wisest Choice

Did you ever experience going to the mall with a bunch of friends or with your family to do some shopping and when you guys get hungry, you spent almost an hour deciding where to eat?  Actually, that happened to me quite a number of times especially if we are more than three in the group.  We can’t decide where to eat simply because we have different cravings.  In my case, I can ALMOST eat any type of cuisine but my major problem is what cuisine that I want to eat at that very moment.

Then the solution that we came up with this not-so-big dilemma of ours is to go to food court.  I think all malls have food courts even the poshest mall that you ever been to.  There will always be an area where different types of food/restaurants are available depending on your cravings and your mood.

Here are the reasons why food court is the wisest choice when in doubt:

  1. It costs less – If you eat in food courts, some of the meals there cost less than 100 pesos (or less than $3).  Some other restaurants or food stalls offer meals with two viands for less than 100 pesos or a little over 100 pesos.
  2. Lots of choices – If you do not know yet what food you want to eat or order, you can make a quick round the area to see what type of food would fascinate your taste buds before ordering.
  3. You can get them all – The great thing in food courts is if you do not know yet what food you wish to eat or order and found out that you want to order different types of cuisine from different stalls, you are allowed to.  There is no corkage of bringing in food or drinks from other restaurants.  If you want Japanese (e.g. sushi, maki, or ramen) but also want to eat something Chinese like Siopao and Siomai, you can absolutely order them all in the food court.  If you are still hungry after eating your Japanese and Chinese dishes but you do not want to order something heavy, there are so many stalls available in the food court that sells snacks such as squid balls, potato flavored fries, hotdog on stick, shredded corn with cheese and butter and so many more.  As for the dessert lover, they are also available there from ice cream, to iced desserts, to pastries, and chocolates.
  4. Good for sharing – Whenever we eat out (my family or with a group of friends), we always order for sharing not individual meals.  In food court, it is way much better.  I mean you get to share your food with others but you get to taste different cuisines all at the same time.  If you ordered Japanese and Korean dishes, then a friend of your ordered Italian and Mexican, and the other one ordered Chinese and American, you get to try all those cuisine without overspending and without paying corkage,

Food courts may not be a good place for bringing your date because it is always crowded and the aroma of different food being cooked will stick to your garments.

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  1. I also like to eat there because sometimes I just want something simple my daughter and her boyfriend buy what they want too.


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