Why Do Some People See Nightmares? How Does That Happen?

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Source: bronx.
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Definition of a nightmare:

A nightmare is a psychic state that we would see during the rapid sleeping period, the dreamer might see lots of images that can carry very disturbing natures to a level that would exceed the conscious psychic soul’s energy directly after entering the sleeping state and these images can appear in different shapes according to the dreamer’s circumstances and hardships, so that’s why a nightmare is not considered to be a dream, it’s a tiring psychic state that would strike a person as a result of hard circumstances or complicated problems and the lack of settlements.

At the beginning of this state and when it’s just about the psychic unrest then this can be gotten rid of easily but if it exceeds the normal state then a person must surely start getting treatments by experts.

Sometimes a nightmare can be caused by a psychic pressure and troubles that the dreamer would be afraid of getting them away from his/her head. Other causes consist of the following:

-Sleeping mode:

The sleeping mode that can cause a biological pressure to the dreamer thus the feeling would be translated as an image to be compatible with the affecting pressure that constructs the feeling through weird and strange images which would give an illusion of having a dream.

Other cases may be caused by sudden sickness phenomena , so the nightmare here might represent a true warning.

In most cases:

The nightmare is not a dream, it’s resulted by some fear charges and hard pressures, if the nightmare is psychological or biological then it’s recommended for people not to ignore how to seek for medical help and treatment.

Sometimes nightmares can be caused by the cold surrounding temperature, the colder the room temperature the more nightmares a person would see.

There should be a clear notice here that people might mix between nightmares and the night-times fears, a lot of kids might wake up in the middle of the night screaming after seeing a bad dream, parents usually think their kids must have been seeing a nightmare but that actually wouldn’t be a nightmare, this case only happens whenever a child sees a bad image in real life that he/she’d get disgusted of or get a real bad reaction off of it and would just get affected by it, resulting in the saving of this image or other scary related images in the kid’s mind and thus the images would just appear in the kid’s dreams.

How to avoid that? simple! Just forbidden the kid from watching serious harmful and horrifying content from web,Tv, magazines etc..

3 thoughts on “Why Do Some People See Nightmares? How Does That Happen?”

  1. I am having nightmare when I am sooo stressed, depressed, and super lonely. but the rest of the day when I am in “normal” self… I have pleasant dreams

    thanks for this informative article. I love it

  2. When I was a kid, my father used to face nightmare and it
    was horrible. During his nightmare and after waking up he talks nonsense and
    had lot of fear about useless things because I including my sisters was kids we
    were very scared and we thought what happened to our dad. However, with the
    passage of time, it reduced and now it’s completely gone, thank God.

    Usually nightmare occurs for two essential reasons, 1:
    Eating lot of meat or general foods that affect the stomach, which results in
    reacting during night sleep, 2: Huge amount of stress and depression can also
    cause to this problem.

  3. when stressed some people will have nightmare about the dark side of themselves. They see themselves doing things they would never think of doing in real life.


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