Why Being in a Relationship is Fun

Few days ago, I wrote an article about “Why Being Single is Fun” http://day2daytips.com/why-being-single-is-fun/  Now, I want to share to you my dear readers why it is fun to be in a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP.  I put an emphasis on the HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP because if you are in an unhealthy relationship and still do not want to get out from, well, definitely that is not fun.

Going back to my post, below are the reasons why it’s fun to be attached:

1. On a weekend or holiday, you do not need to look and call all your friends and start planning what to do this coming weekend because even if you and your partner don’t have any clear or specific plan, you know that the two of you will be together during your free time.

2. Constant Companion – Just like what I have discussed in the first item, your partner will always be your constant companion whether you want to watch the latest film that is out in the theaters, a basketball game, a musical play or you just need to pick something in the grocery store or buy gifts for a relative or a friend.

Even when looking for a job, your partner is always there.  Whether he or she will bring you to the office of the company you are applying for or he or she will meet you after your interview, your partner will be definitely there.

During family gatherings.  If he or she is close to your family and relatives, it is already expected that you will come with them like on birthdays, baptisms, and even reunions.

3. Fan – Yep, your partner is your number one fan of all the things that you do.  If you are in a band and play in public places, your partner will definitely be there watching you in front of the crowd.  If you want to start a career, he or she will support you no matter what happens.

4. Source of Strength – I know that we get our strengths from family and friends but sometimes the strength and support that we get from our partners are the one that matters.  Families and friends MIGHT give up on you but your significant other will still be there behind you are you go on with your decision.

If you had a bad day at work or at school, it is guaranteed that your better half will be the first one to cheer you up probably because he or she is the first person you will confide on or share your day to.

5. Source of Joy – When you are tired from work and can’t wait to go home, you find joy and happiness the moment you see your significant other waiting for you.  Even if you don’t need to go out to relax and unwind, just a simple embrace from the one you love seemed to erase the stress that you are feeling.

Waking up beside the person that matters the most can really put a positive vibe in your mornings.  Sleeping with the only person that you love makes life worth living.

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