Who’s framing who? A defective story.

f154553480I am in the mood to write about the photography,  in other words, since this topic has “popped” in my brain it won’t be stopping.  Also I would just like to follow the flow of thoughts  about photography, pictures and now framing.

After taking lovely photos you may want to flaunt your art  to your guests and friends.  Looking at the pictures really somehow bring smiles and a little happiness inside, am I correct?

well how about impressing them with innovative frames.   Have you thought of these?   it may look clutter in the space but it is really cute.   Hmmm what do I mean by that.   I am sure that in every  house there are a lot of alarm clocks and wall clocks.  These are the things that supposed to be “disposable”  meaning, it is more expensive to bring these items for repair than just to buy a new one.     But do you throw or do you keep just like that?  Alarm and wall clocks come in different shapes, styles and sizes.   Instead of throwing them when they don’t function anymore,   have them as photo frames.


How to do?  As simple as 1, 2, 3.

1.  Remove the hands and machine of the clock.

2.  Retain the case and the glass or cover.

3.  Put the picture inside.

Note:  Just remember to use the appropriate size of the picture depending on the size of the frame.



Wallclock Frame                                                                    Alarm clock Frames



Another frames that can be used are the used folders, cartons or envelopes as frames.


  • empty folders or any cartons… (one of my favorite materials is the glossy cake box).. (make sure no icing or oil, LOL)
  • decorations like lace, ribbons, small toys, buttons, and many more.
  • acetate or clear plastic cover.
  • adhesive tape or glue


  1. Paste the photo on the carton or board.
  2. put a hook at the back of carton and secure the durability of it.
  3. Paste another carton or paper board on the first carton to secure the hook and to have smoother surface.
  4. Paste the photo/photos on the smoother board.
  5. Put decorations on the picture or the sides of the carton.  Make sure that no carton/ board is visible.
  6. Put the acetate or clear plastic cover to protect,the photos from fading and dust.
  7. Hang.




note:  as you noticed I intentionally did not fix anything on the pictures to show you that they were all hanging on the wall now.  LOL.

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10 thoughts on “Who’s framing who? A defective story.”

  1. What great ideas! You’re so creative. This is such an excellent post. Now I’ll be looking around my house for things I can use as picture frames. I’m looking at a clock right now but I think I better wait until it stops working before I put a picture in it. LOL

    • hahaha nooooooo..only those you are about to discard and not really working. In the Philippines there are lots of beautiful designed wall clocks and alarm clock… since it is made from China (No offense meant) they are disposable.. so instead of throwing we recycle them.

      thank you

      • Disposable? Or they just stop working 3 months after you buy them? hahaha I have a lot of stuff I could use for crafts. I can make Origami picture frames.

        I finally went to my other email account and found all the replies here that I didn’t know about. hahaha 19 days ago???? I guess I’m a little late. LOL

        • they just stop.. and yes disposable maybe. lol. Yes, you can make origami picture frames or use my photos if you like.

          it is okay better late than later. LOL. i meant better late than never.

          • I did make a box one time that I put a a heart shaped piece of clear plastic on the cover. I left the top of the heart unstuck to the box so you could slide a picture in it. I framed the heart in lace. It was a very cute box. I don’t do crafts anymore. I miss it.

            Better late than later…..????? hahahaha A true mavic-ism. 🙂

          • hahaha like idiotic expression? hahahah just joking about it.. so corny in fact.

            anyway. why not put my picture in it. I think I will look lovely hehehe… or star’s picture (my top competitor).

            do your crafts it is relaxing or origami maybe you can teach your old woman neighbor how to do an origami

          • You know I love your “idiotic expressions” and that play on words.

            I gave the box to my mother a long time ago. She put a picture of her cat in the cover and put the cat’s ashes inside the box, in a little bag. She loved the box a lot. It’s probably with all her stuff in my storage place.

            My neighbor’s hands are too arthritic to be able to do Origami. 🙁 But good idea anyway.

          • why can arthritic hands can’t do anything anymore. who knows it might be therapeutic for her.

            why not bury the box.. since its just there in your storage room

            I thought you are going to have the list of my idiotic expressions, book. we might get rich when you publish those. and don’t forget to give my 50% royalty fee. OK?

          • I think it would be too tiring for her fingers. Maybe painful too. She might not like making stuff, either. I never knew her to make anything.

            No, I don’t know where it is. But the rest of the box is beautiful. I didn’t tell you how I did the rest of it.

            hahaha Someday maybe. I could put it together but you’d have to get it published.

          • it wouldn’t be. try to bring some paper, folding will not be too difficult just try the easy one. don’t teach her how to do the david’s star right away.

            hahaha you have to publish it since you collect them.

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