Which Topics Can be Considered Evergreen?

So, have you heard about evergreen articles? Hopefully you have. Evergreen articles are articles that are always “fresh and relevant”, which means that these articles can be read by someone a year from now and the information would still be valuable or helpful. You can still write about the latest world issue, of course (No one’s stopping you). Here are just some ideas on what kind of articles you can write to earn passive income.

  • Health-related articles (food, drinks, sleep, etc.)
  • Parenting Tips/Family Issues
  • Pets (dog training, things to remember if you have a pet rat, etc.)
  • Ways to Save Money (like this post by Donna Reilly)
  • How to recycle things (like this smart move by Jenny A.)
  • DIY or do-it-yourself handicraft
  • Safety Tips
  • Relationships/Love (read Jim Bond’s[007] thoughts on online dating)
  • School (survival guide for freshmen)
  • Online (writing, business, dating?)

There are many topics you can choose to share online that will be valuable to other people. Maybe you have a degree in psychology. Go ahead and write about the things you learned about dreams, memories, behavior, personality disorders, etc. Are you a mechanic? Write about the common problems that people encounter when getting a new car, or tips in changing tires. We all have something we can share to world. The technique is finding the right way to present the topic, the right audience to address, and the right place to write it on.


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6 thoughts on “Which Topics Can be Considered Evergreen?”

  1. Evergreen articles are great to write as these are valid for many years to come unlike trendy articles that only spike the interest of the audience for a while.


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