Where to Place Keywords to Earn More Online Income

If you want to earn more through online writing it is important to give keywords ample attention. Although nothing beats well-written and well-search topics, giving your articles a little more push through keywords is always a good idea. But it takes more than just stuffing your articles with keywords to earn extra. In fact, it has become a delicate process in order to gain the desired page views and attention from search engines. Knowing how to place keywords and key phrases in your published works can create better financial success for you.

More income when key phrases are used in the title

The title does not just entice your readers. It allows your readers to know what they are about to read. Moreover, using words used to search topics in the title helps search engines find your published works faster. In addition, it makes it easier for readers to find your article in the roster of search results.

Using specific words or group of words in the title will help improve your page views because readers and search engines will easily find you.

Better rewards when using keywords in the first paragraph

It is ideal to use keywords and key phrases in the first paragraph. In fact, it is a great idea to use them in the first few sentences. The idea behind this is that many search engines use the first few sentences to describe your article to the readers in the search results – if no meta data is specified. This strategy will help increase visibility on the web. As you may know, the more people see your articles the better it is for your online income.

Metadata is a good place to market your article

The meta data is a tag found in the code of the website. Do not worry you don’t need an in depth knowledge of HTML or XML since there are free sites that help you create meta data for your page. Meta data are descriptions used to identify your page. Search engines turn to the meta data to generate search results. Obviously, putting the right words here will be to your advantage.

Don’t forget your URL

We often forget to tweak the URL of the articles because it is often automatically generated. But it would be to your advantage to have a short and descriptive URL. Moreover, placing the keywords or key phrases in the URL will drastically improve your chances of being seen online. In addition, it will help readers remember your URL better.

Utilizing keywords properly is essential in generating more online income. This means properly placing them. Be we wary, there is still a difference between using keywords properly and spamming. Some search engines may be sensitive to the keyword density of your published article. Online writing therefore needs to give importance to how many keywords you use. Some experts say that targeting 2%-3% keyword density is good enough. But of course there are others who say that density is not a big deal. It would still be better to side with prudence when it comes to online writing and online income.

Online writing has boomed in recent years. Many take their time to write articles in the hopes o earning extra. However, some make it big while others struggle. One key factor is placing the right words in the right places to get the right effect. Try these tips and you may just find yourself raking in more cash from your online articles.

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  1. Thank you for these tips Bro! You know what, I find it hard to use the keyword planner, but I will try harder. I am sure this will definitely help me improve my next sets of articles for the site.


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