When Silence is Virtue

Sometimes they say that silence is virtue, that to keep mum when confronted with certain conflicts specially between family members, is the wisest thing to do.

This is to avoid being caught in between two “hitting rocks,” to be caught in “crossfire” of words between two feuding persons or groups. When one of them approaches you for opinion, never ever give undue comment that would hurt one side, specially if those involved are siblings or relatives, and you as a third party. For when the time comes that they got reconciled, they might turn their ire on you for having said something against one of them. There is a saying that “blood is thicker than water,” and so they would look at you as the antagonist.

In the past,I was so quick in giving my opinions in such situations, and oftentimes, my being honest for saying what I felt about certain persons backfired on me. From that time on, I learned to seal my lips. I just listened to their woes, but no longer gave opinions on the “case” at hand. And I had observed the positive results of being silent.

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3 thoughts on “When Silence is Virtue”

  1. Being the eldest sometimes makes me hard to keep my mouth shut and just simply listen to my siblings but yes you are right there are times silence helps because if I am not talking they are the one asking me what happened Ate? …. lol…

    • Being the ate is a quite difficult especially if you have to resolve issues. This does not just happen when kids, even when you are already older, they turn to the eldest for guidance.

  2. It’s difficult to be between to people that you value. it’s good that most people I know know that i will be straightforward when they ask me about issues. Of course i try not to side with one but offer a third person view of what is happening in the hopes of giving them a better perspective of things.


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