When Is It time For A Change

We are used to seeing everything we have for the past 10 years or more. We don’t want to change it. But what happens if things start to fall apart? Not just the material things but also relationships, finances, health and more?

It means we need to change. If you start feeling lethargic often and you sense a difference in your body. Time for a check up. Also a time for change. Change in eating habits, sleeping habits and taking of medications. Whatever is the outcome of your check up we must change our lifestyle so we can get them most out of what is needed. Like me when I found out I was diabetic 2 , I changed eating habits, less sweets, soft drinks and more exercise. I also had to adjust taking prescription medicines. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Health is wealth they say and if you are healthy you won’t be spending much. If you ignore, hospitalization is expensive.

Your furniture looks good but not as shiny as before and not as strong. Will you wait till it falls apart completely? We have had the same furniture for 35+ years. It is falling apart and repairing them almost every other year is expensive. So I decided to change them to all native materials. Cheaper, light weight and lasts longer. It is also stronger. if it lasts me 5+ years I would be happy. I have seen the same kind of furniture in other homes and has lasted them 10years. I can have them cleaned and re-varnished and it will look good as new. There are no kids and it will last the dogs attack coz the other ones got torn. Easier to clean too. Just  cloth, broom and furniture polish and voila! Clean shiny furniture. It is also easier on the eyes especially living in a tropical country and cooler too.

Your bank book looks bare, what do you do? Force yourself to save. Even if you are getting a fixed allowance or salary, force yourself to save just a little, even like 500 pesos a month. That is not too heavy. Or $50-$100 a month. In due time it will earn interest and when you need an emergency, you have something to dig into. Another way is to look for part time income. Like Blogging, online selling, or any other online work. You will have extra for your needs and extra in the bank. Also try to stay away from unnecessary spending. If you don’t need it, don’t buy. If you can live without it, you don’t need to buy. Stay away from mall sales, they are big temptations. Buy needed things when they are cheaper. Non branded supplies are just as good.

Your relationship with your family does not seem right. You are always fighting and not talking. Take time to think. Find out what went wrong. If you can, make the first move. Spend some quality time with each other. Have a bonding time with your husband, children or parents. Even if once a month, if you have a hectic schedule. Quality time does not mean quantity time, even if once or twice a month would be good. A time to talk or just be with each other. we can never tell how long we still have in this world. Tell each other “I love you” often.

Life is not fixed or will stay the same. Changes happens. It depends on us when we want to change. Don’t wait for things to be really bad before you change. Don’t wait till you get hospitalized or need an operation before having a check-up. it is advisable to have a check-up at least once a year twice for over 60 yrs old. Don’t wait till all your furniture falls apart before changing or saving up for new ones. Don’t wait till you are in deep debt or need money for an emergency to start saving. Don’t wait till your husband leaves you or your children won’t love you any more. We grow older everyday, we are not young anymore and even the world changes, technology and science too.

When you see little changes or differences, that is when you should look into it and make the changes yourself, changes for the better. Changes you think will be good for you and your family. Ones that will fit your lifestyle. Don’t change into something that is not you or you can’t afford. Ones you know will make you a better person and your life a better one.

So take time to think.  Go slow but surely. Pray or meditate if you need help. You can also talk to some one. You only live once so make the most of it. Don’t wait till it’s too late to change.

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single mom. I love to cook, read books and most esp., I love dogs. I also love to blog, been blogging since 2012 but still learning. I write blogs for 5 different sites so I am getting more experienced.

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  1. some people couldn’t just take some things away or throw some things away because of the sentimental value


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