What You Need To Know When Applying For A Job

There are a lot of people looking for work or a job yet so little available. It is usually first come first served or the ones who pass the oral interview, after doing a written interview, which means your bio data and resume.

Things you need to take note before applying for the job:

  • Read about the job description, see if you are qualified.
  • Have you bio data ready. You can use the ready made forms or type your own. It usually does not matter as long as all the information is correct. It would also be good if you have a formal ID or 2×2 picture with your bio data.
  • If possible it would be an advantage if you have an email address. Most companies ask for them, so make one before you apply.
  • Have your resume ready with people for references, be sure you can count on them.
  • Be honest with all you info.
  • Have copies or duplicates for your papers. Because you usually give them the copies.
  • Have your all your papers in a neat place or long sized envelopes.

If you can call for an appointment do so. NEVER, EVER BE LATE! That is one of the taboos in applying for a job. When I was in the US there were 4 of us, Filipino nurses applying for one vacant position. We all were together in the morning, the took our papers and read them. I was actually the least experienced, the others had 1 -2 years experience. We were told to come back at exactly 1pm. So we all went home to different places, I had to take a bus and walk. I guess it was instilled in me to be always on time (thanks to my military dad). I got back 12:45, no one was there. So I waited in front of the office, sitting and feeling nervous. At 5 minutes to 1 the director peeped out, I was still alone. Exactly 1pm  she called me in for interview. It took only 15 minutes. As we were going out the other 3 were just coming in. They were told they were late and the spot was taken. Yehey to me! They tried to explain they had to take a bus and it was found out I lived further away. So never, ever be late. I hate to make people wait unless of emergencies.

Another is to dress properly, don’t think that if you show legs or cleavage you will be accepted. Men should try to wear suits or semi formal attire, even if you say you are applying for a construction job, you should dress properly so they will respect you and it shows you respect them. Don’t wear too much make-up or too strong perfume.

And one more thing, keep calm, relax and smile.


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7 thoughts on “What You Need To Know When Applying For A Job”

  1. so agree with this, phew.. applying is really is just the initial step to have a job. oh well, we will not be able to get a job if we don’t apply do we?

  2. Because I am young and haven’t applied for any job so what I can only say from what I have heard is that interview and viva voice are the dangers for any applicant, isn’t it?

    Overall that you have remarked is a must follow for everybody!

  3. yes, it’s very true that our resume plays a vital role in grabbing the job but at the same time we should be prepared to justify the the things written in it, if questioned


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