What you need to know about Trade Unions

Trade Unions is defined as an association of workers in a particular industry or craft. One difference between a Trade Union and medieval guild is that Trade Union comprise employees only while medieval guild include both the employers and employees
Functions or Duties of Trade Unions
1. Goal Congruency: Through the activities of trade unions, the employees would be able to realize their goals and dreams in their respective organizations as the unions would not allow the employer to kill their dreams through some obnoxious policies.
2. Participation in Formulation of Policy of the Organization: Trade Unionism has made it possible for the employees to be carried along in formulation of policies by their organization, as this is to ensure that their interest is protected at all times.
3. Collective Bargaining: Trade Unionism affords workers the ability and capacity to act together in negotiating for improved wages and conditions of services
4. To Protect the Interest of the Workers: Some employers are very exploitative. In order to avoid such excesses trade union s become greatly imperative.

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