What you need to know about optimum population

Optimum population is defined as the ideal population in any country where there is a proper balance between population and available resources whereby the existing factors of production and technology will generate the greatest national product. The concept of optimum population clears the doubt on the issues of overpopulation and under population; it is a concept that strikes the balance between population of a country and its available resources to it.

Benefits of Optimum Population
1. Effective management: A country with optimum population can be managed easily and effectively, as this is possible through optimal utilization of resources.
2. Participation in Resources Development: Optimum Population creates participation in resources development of the country.
3. Higher Standard of Living: It brings about the highest standard of living because the resources available in the country are optimally utilized.
4. Balance between Population Size and Resources: The relationship between population size and the available resources is not under strain because there is a balance between the two.
5. Stability in the Economy: The economic is stable because there is full employment and equitable distribution of resources.
6. Maximum Returns Per Head: Optimum population yields maximum returns per head because people would be fully employed and adequately compensated and remunerated. This motivates them to put in their best.
7. Resources Dependency: There is effective utilization of the available resources to achieve maximum utility in the economy and the internal dynamics that would have created dependency is properly placed.

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