Watch Out For Sugar Where It Doesn’t Belong

There are good sugars and there are bad sugar. Navigating away from the bad is not always easy because you may think you are eating something that is good for you but it has added sugar that isn’t good for you. Carrots , for instance, have natural sugar in them but they also have carotene, fiber, vitamins and minerals. Fruit is normally a high sugar item but this is natural and fruit also has vitamins and is jam packed with antioxidants. The sugar in these is fructose and is the kind of sugar which doesn’t go into the blood stream but goes into the liver tissues.

And lactose, or dairy sugar, is a good one as well. But what you need to watch for is dairy products produced with added sugar that isn’t good for you. Like the yogurt with fruit on the bottom. This is usually jam and has bad sugar in it.

Processed sugars that need to be avoided are such sugar as fruit juice concentrate, sucrose, glucose, dextrose, brown sugar, high fructose corn syrup, maltose, invert sugar and regular table sugar. These are cause quickly rising blood glucose levels and insulin flooding the system. Products with these types of sugar in them don’t usually have any nutrients in them and so they are not good for a healthy diet.

Foods with naturally occurring sugar in them such as honey, molasses and maple syrup are all made by nature and do contain some additional nutrients. They can be substituted in recipes that call for refined sugar.

It is always the smart and more healthy choice to use the more naturally occurring sugar and to check for added sugars that aren’t necessarily good for us.

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Eve York

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