What Online Games Do You Play?

When I was first introduced to the computer our internet was a card where we used dial up and load. It was kind of easy before. Then even when I started my internet cafe we used dial up until Globe came to my town with their internet connection.

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Well the first thing I did on the computer was the Yahoo messenger and email address.  Then I got into the games. it was fun a way to relax and improve my skills. There were so many games on line.

When I got into Facebook there were more games. I joined most of them. Farmtown, Farmville,  Cityville, Chefville probably most of the “ville” games. Mostly on planting, growing  and selling.

I really got hooked to Farmtown and Farmville. I was into planting, expanding and reaching goals. Even to the extent I spent to buy items. Especially on  Farmtown.  I loved to plant grow and work on other farms to earn coins and dollar money. There were even times I would stay up late til 12 and even past that time trying to improve my farm, plant flowers and trees (of course you buy them). Then arranging the look, designing my dream farm. The same with Farmville. But when the tasks became to hard to achieve on Farmville and the other “ville” games I sort of stopped. Tasks were hard because you had to ask help from neighbors or the other players and sometimes it takes forever. I did not want to spend again. So I stayed with Farmtown because they had no goals or task, you can work on your own if you wanted. I even had a friend from England who even bought me an item and gifted it to me. She knew it was hard for me and her husband would even buy her the “dollars” so she could buy things. It was her past time.

I also noticed that some games have a part2 , improved and the animation is better. I like to play the games that do not stress me out so much. Those when the tasks or goals get too hard, I stop. The skill games are easier and faster and no need to buy anything. CandyCrush is one of the famous games, also the Jewel quest, Temple Run.

Another game I love and is also on Facebook but I play the downloaded game is Angry Bird. I have played almost all the seasons. When I am in an angry mood I make sure I hit all the pigs hahaha. Relieves my anger and stress.

Now there are more skill games and I play them now. Also puzzle games and the arcade game. But there are times I go back to Farmtown just to plant. It is relaxing and peaceful.

I play these online games when I feel bored or especially when I have a writer’s block. I helps clear my mind. After a couple of games, sometimes an idea would pop into my mind.

But there are also people who get too addicted and even bet or spend too much money just to play them. So we must also try to control ourselves, play a variety of games so you won’t get addicted to just one. I have a couple and when I’m in the mood, I choose 3 to play.

It’s also good if you have a friend who plays the same game so you can ask each other for help and “extra lives”. Before I sleep I would post I am going to sleep and say I will log off, but in reality I will play a few games for a while till I feel sleepy and then log out.

What games do you play?


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7 thoughts on “What Online Games Do You Play?”

  1. I just usually play Montezuma nowadays as my way of relaxation. I used to be playing a lot of online games but because of work, it has lessened a lot. Work hinders my fun time! LOL

  2. I used to play a lot of games but there were taking up too much of my time, I don’t really play any right now.


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