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Welcome to Self-Help Archive.

Let’s begin with a quick definition. Self-help means the process of bettering oneself (Meriam Webster). Having said that, we are sharing helpful tips in order to help one another better oneself.

We have been blogging for years (est. 2012), so we already got plenty of helpful tips on our archive.

That is the reason behind our name: Self-Help Archive (selfhelparchive.com)

We write, publish and keep helpful tips for you all to read.

Goals revamped

In 2019, we are completely revamping our goals for Self-Help. As a family-managed blog, we will be giving more emphasis on topics that can significantly affect our lives.

What are we going to share more in 2019?

Personal finance

The inflation rate is growing, and so, we need to master budgeting, saving, investing and retirement planning. As early as now, saving and investment is a brilliant project to start.

When is the best time to start retirement planning? The best time is today. As early as now, we have to secure our old age.

Expect us to share more about money tips!

We are also stepping into the next level of make money blogging — so we will be sharing you our saga into building a passive income online in the few years to come!

FYI: we are not experts, we have no masters degree on this subject, or whatever. Despite that, we can better ourselves by learning — learning one step at a time.

Here on Self-Help, we will be shouting to the world our ups and downs, and how we try to overcome trials along the process of building a better family.

Productivity Toolkit

Interestingly, I will share with you my complete toolkit in order to be productive.

I love technology, and the rise and inventions of new tools excite me. I do love exploring a lot of things related to bettering ones’ work and output.

I am the kind of guy who doesn’t fear to completely change the flow of work in order to implement a new system.

My mind is always open for a new idea… and always willing to start from scratch in order to expand my knowledge on the subject I know can better myself as a person, husband, father and of course, blogger!

Stay tuned and stay with us…

Premium Writer

Maria Jenileen C. Alano, Dentistry graduate of the Centro Escolar University, a mother of four. I wasn’t able to pursue a dental profession but was able to discover so many things that I never dreamed possible until I got married.

It was in 2010 when new doors were opened for me. Little did I realize that working at home would be the most convenient job I ever had. I started out as a Virtual Assistant and soon after becoming a Social Media Marketing Manager. My love for words led me to start joining online blogging sites. And as years passed, I ended up doing freelance writing for various clients- writing practically anything under the sun and enjoying it more than ever.

Check Jenny’s awesome posts here.

Regular Contributor

We are proud to introduce our regular contributor. She is no other than Junelyn Sarona.

She finds writing as a great adventure and it is her passion. She joined Self-Help Pinoy Team because of her natural love to spread positivity to all Filipinos and Filipinos at heart.

So, expect her writeups here on Self-Help! You may check her latest article here.

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