All Filipinos should know about the Philippine Passport

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One of the reasons why Filipinos could hardly get out of the country or take a tour to other countries is because it is quite difficult for us to be granted a visa.

What is a visa?

A visa is a document or just a simple stamp on the passport that will allow one to enter a certain country.  Documents have to be prepared and submitted.  These are bank statement (how much money the applicant/s has),  land titles and vehicle receipt and registration.  Of course not to forget the business registration  or certificate of employment.   These documents will prove that the applicant has the capability to be a tourist because she/he is either rich or has a permanent job or business to get back to after the tour.   In which there is no reason for this person to be the tourist on loose in their country.

To be able to apply for a tourist or business visa, an applicant has to pay some fees too.  If the visa is rejected some countries refund the amount paid but most don’t.

In other words, so many troubles really with a 30:70 chance of approval not even close to 50:50 chance, isn’t it?  No way!  I had experienced so many visa denials aside from the financial hurt it caused my pocket, it had really affected me emotionally, too.

Then I wondered,  why do I need to get a passport if I will not go out of the country?   Is getting a passport worthy?   As the result of my question, I searched the net and luckily I found out these information.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAccording to DFA (Department of Foreign Affairs, Philippines),   we can go to 25 countries worldwide without worrying so much about getting a visa ahead of the flight.  Then I thought, why am I wasting my  time, money and energy to the  countries where getting visa is just like finding a diamond in the dirt when there are other exciting countries I can visit?   Why not just go to the countries where I can just get visa in the airport or also called visa on arrival.

Where will our Philippine passport can take us?

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Mavic’s Photo Collection

1.  Southeast Asian Countries:

Fortunately we can go to the Southeast Asian countries without any fear of deportation upon arrival.  These countries are the following,  Brunei (14 days), Cambodia (21 days), Indonesia (30 days),  Laos (30 days),  Malaysia (30 days),   Singapore (30 days), Thailand (30 days) and Vietnam ((30 days).   Other countries laying on the Asia Regions where we can go are in the South are India (30 days),   Sri Lanka (30 days).  In Western part of Asia located is  Israe.

2.  Latin America

Another amazing countries that we might consider of going are in the Latin America ,   Bolivia (60 days), Brazil (90 days), Columbia,  Costa Rica (30 days), Ecuador (90 days), Morocco and  Peru (60 days).

3.  Pacific Islands

The Pacific Islands has its share of countries too.   These countries start with Palau (30 days) (which I thought is a part of the Philippines),   Tuvalu (30 days), and Vanuatu (30 days).  These are my personal choices  which I dream of seeing in the future.

4.  South Africa

We can also go without any problem with the visa to South African countries.   These are Zambia (90 days), and Mozambique (30 days).

5.  of course the well known Hongkong  which is the only Disneyland World accessible easily by Asians

Are you now excited to get out of the country?  Why not, for a change,   definitely you will see different places and architectures, histories,  people, different beaches and yes different food to taste.   It’s quite an adventure for me maybe to you, too?

The information stated above were released  by Philippines Department of Affairs through Philippine News website.

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Reminders  before buying a flight ticket going to your dream destination:

These information are about free visa entry of each country, however, it is advised to go to the site of the country pertaining to information about accepting tourists in their country.   In addition, you may want to go to the embassy of the country you wish to visit to ask for more information personally.   This is very helpful to gather more information the country such as if you need to have a visa in advanced or you can just get in airport upon arrival.  Personally speaking, the Southeast Asian Countries issue visa upon arrival so no big problem.

Visit the country’s tourist sites or forums so that you will be able to see if the place is really for you.  Gathering information about the place, food and modes of transportation is really helpful.



Acknowledgement to:

Rob Sake, List of  Visa Free Countries for Filipinos Released by DFA,  April 23, 2014, Philippines News

List of Visa Free Countries for Filipinos Released by DFA

Department of Foreign Affairs, Philippines


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24 thoughts on “All Filipinos should know about the Philippine Passport”

  1. I got my passport because I had to go out of the country for a business trip. Otherwise I won’t apply for one. Btw, I need to renew it.

    • renew it now.. is there any new policy in renewing. how about the electronic passport? is it already being used. Hmmm…

      you know, having these countries to visit without visa is such a great opportunity for trying hard trippers like me to go to other country. LOL.

        • I don’t know if it easier to renew the passport when the date is close to its due for renewal, like before, I just need to submit my old passport and they will just change the information there.

          I am not sure now how it goes, like if the procedure is just like applying for a new one.

          yes, get your daughter her passport.

          Anyway, what was your score in the test above? Did you follow my instructions?

  2. I really want to go to Brazil but even if you don’t need visa to go there, it’s very expensive there. 🙁

    • if there is a will there’s always a way. Actually my problem is “transit” to other countries, because I heard that there are times that we also need to exit and enter a certain airport so therefore we need to secure a visa to that particular country. (I am not really sure about this though)

      I am dreaming to go to the pacific islands… I googled it and the place is awesome.

    • yes, I was surprised too. but I love just the idea of “daydreaming going there in the future”..

      glad you liked this article.

  3. This is so interesting! But I’m glad I don’t need a passport. And I really don’t understand the difference between a visa and a passport. I think if I traveled I’d have a lot of problems understanding any of it. How come the US isn’t on the list? There are a lot of Filipinos that live here but came from the Philippines. Although why anyone would want to come here is beyond me. This country is the armpit of the world.

    It’s too much work to travel. I’d rather go shopping. Why don’t you come here and visit me?

    • well we really want to come to your country because we believe that it is the country of dreams. (am i correct?). and there are many filipinos there .. but if you just knew how difficult it was for them just to get there. Some went as tourists and hid from the immigration until they will find someone to get married to. someone who has a green card. Some went there through marriage. Some were lucky to have a job.

      There was a time when the Filipino teachers were in demand in the US because of our diligence and known for working so hard without complaining.

      • Country of dreams? Ha! It’s more like the country of nightmares. But I guess the old saying “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence” still holds true today.

        These days, to get into the US all you have to do is go to Mexico and walk across the border. No problem, they’re all doing it, no questions asked. Of course, if you try to do it the legal way, then you might have a problem. But if you’re illegal the government will support you and give you everything you need. (sarcasm off) I may be sarcastic about it but it’s the truth.

        Filipinos are hardworking people. Especially the teachers, from what I know. 🙂 And anybody is lucky to have a job these days. I wish I lived near a Filipino community. I’d love to meet some of them. There’s a very large community in Philadelphia. I’ve been to their website a few times. Very interesting and such community minded people. 🙂

        • yes, Filipinos are genuinely generous and dedicated people. I could really really say that.. if not all most are.

          i don’t know anything about your country but honestly it is really difficult to get visa from you. promise.

          I want to visit you and see your place and so on.. but you know the government doesn’t allow us just like that.

  4. Thanks for this great tip. It is such a great addition to my knowledge in traveling. You maybe considered a walking encyclopedia. You seem to know everything from A to Z… Though this is not part of this tip, as I always do LOL… i just would like to add before I forget that you write so well that I love those you wrote that I had already read. Haven’t read all your works yet and I hope I can read them all soon.

    • LOL. I did not know these because I am a walking encyclopedia. I Years ago I wanted to go out of the country so I tried different ways to be able to get out and I always get DENIED visa. as my feet really were itching to go out, I looked for places where I can go. without having a problem with the visa so I bumped these information. Like what I told you I only write what I experience and would just like to share it with you.

      I was hoping that some Filipinos would read this too so that they will have idea of the countries we can go.

      I hope you will be able to learn to my articles. See I told you how commenting is important you won.. congratulations.

      • Congratulations!!!! I just read the winners awhile ago. I am second… LOL. I didn’t expect this. You know, I learned to much from articles. Thanks.

        • congratulations. I knew it would be you. wheeeee.. Yes life is a learning process and we keep on learning every minute of it… if not, then there will be no used of life anymore. LOL.

      • I feel great. LOL. Yesterday, I took a leave of absence because I attended my cousin’s burial in the afternoon. I decided a whole day absence as I planned to work on d2d but unfortunately I haven’t worked much because there was a brown out since 1am till 5pm.

        • me, too. I will be very very busy these days because of work. until the end of September maybe. I am coming back to d2d from time to time because I don’t like them to think that after winning I did not get back to be active again. but honestly speaking, it’s just a coincidence that I have so many work until the end of September here. The term is closing.. so many things to finish.

          • Same here but I may not be very busy as you are. Just a bit busy. LOL… In addition, I could not think of any topic to discuss so I have to do some commenting as of this time.

          • I have a pending article in the DRAFT section. You know it takes days before I finish an article. that is if I want the article to be intensive and knowledgeable.

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