What Does Your Facebook Photo Uploads Say About You

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The study

In a research conducted by Ph D. Student Azar Eftekhar at the University of Wolverhampton’s department of Psychology, test subjects’ Facebook photo upload behaviors were studied.  The research showed that both extroverts and neurotics uploaded vast amounts of photos in this social media platform.  One difference they noticed is that extroverts often changed their profile pictures while neurotics tend to upload photos in their albums.  Another personality profile they discovered is the conscientious individual.  Although they upload as well, they do it more with videos.

Some explanations

Although the results about extroversion and the number of photo uploads seems expected; the team had to dig deeper into the behavior of Facebook photo uploads for people with neurosis.

According to the team, they defined neurosis as a “temperamental nature” with a high risk for stress and anxiety.  Furthermore, neurotics crave for approval but are not good in expressing themselves.  Moreover, they said that uploading more photos in their Facebook photo album is an implicit way to gain acceptance and approval.

Another part of their findings is that conscientious individuals tend to upload more videos and created “self-generated” albums of their own.  Self –generated albums are those folders and albums not automatically created by Facebook for the user.  These individuals are characterized as organized and goal oriented.

What’s in it for all of us

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One important key in this research according to Eftekhar is that “Facebook relationships tend to reflect offline networks.”

With the growing use of social networks and online socialization, it is expected that psychologist will delve into how human relationships affect virtual and offline interactions.  As we begin to utilize the online world more and more, the type of relationships and interactions may morph with it.  But as the research has shown, there is parallelism in the way we communicate and interact in the virtual world and in real life.  As such, we must exercise caution whenever we deal with people online.  For one, they are still people with emotions.  Although we communicate across vast distances, online communication literally places us within inches of one another. The internet takes away the distance by placing the person right in front of you.  Well, OK, it might just be an avatar, a photo or some gibberish username, but that represents a human being. And that human being is real (take away the bots, auto responders, and other non-human systems).

Relationships are critical now more than ever.  The online world has paved the way towards global interaction and communication.  Cultures may differ.  Beliefs may differ and more importantly, temperaments are varied.

Suffice to say, it is easy to hide behind the fact that the interaction is done electronically.  But one truth remains: there is another person at the other end of this connection.  Treat the person with respect and courtesy.  After all, you may not know if that person is just around the corner waiting to bash your head for all the online trash you’ve been dishing out on him.  Well, that’s quite a stretch but you get the point.

The research on how your personality can be identified through your Facebook photo uploads goes beyond mere personality profiling.  It helps us understand the importance of online interaction and how we can affect others in the virtual world.  The next time you upload a photo or video to your Facebook profile, what would others think about you?

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14 thoughts on “What Does Your Facebook Photo Uploads Say About You”

  1. I was going through some “phase” a few years back. And it was through posting on Facebook that I would be “releasing” the stress and frustration, not realizing how some of my close friends would be worrying about me. Then it hit me! I try not to post too personal stuff coz well, there are people who cares about me and gets worried and there are people who doesn’t care at all about what is happening to my life that posting what I feel would have their reaction as “WHO CARES?!

    • That’s the beauty of social network. you get friends that really care for you and get other connections that just don’t care. What is important is that we nurture those that matters. Many people reach out to others through their social network. Some find the peace of friends that care others do not.

    • this is so true. I don’t put anything on my status whatever I feel at the moment. because I don’t like people to worry about me, I also got tired of reading my friends’ statuses of sharing everything. (I hid them in my wall) because every was posted. One time I asked my friend why is she posting everything there like her disappointment with her job and wishing to go home.. blah blah blah.. she said she wanted the Admin of the school to know her “true” feelings. I told her it’s quite disturbing for us. She said it was not meant for her friends, then I told her change the privacy. lol (cranky me) so I hid her wall in my wall. (sorry)

  2. The study could be true. It is not so welcome for other people to see so much photo of the same person day to day! More so if it is about the food, the places they went to, etc. that triggers envy on others. It is acceptable for family circles only, but other people could not appreciate it. (the report that they are using FB members for their studies is true! ) FB people do not know or realize it.

    • Social media is a continuous social experiment. Social networks continuous to improve their features and services. To do this, they have to touch the personalities of the members.

  3. I uploaded photos on my account to show anybody that we are happy while working away from our family, which is not real. We are only pretending that we are okay.

    • I am posting pictures of places where I go here. Then I put the caption. “Sharing to you Thailand’s places”. or sometimes if it is about festival or culture. I put a caption “Sharing to you Thailand’s culture and tradition” or if food “Sharing to you Thailand’s exotic food”. LOL. so they will know what and where I have been up to.


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