What do You Think More of, The Past, Present or Future


We all think of our future. When we were younger we would all imagine what our future will be. If we will be successful, rich or famous. Then we try our best to reach what we dreamed of.

When we get older we think of our past, how different it was and how our future is not what we expected or sometimes more than what we expected. But rarely do we think of the present. But we should. In the past it was our present then and the future is the present now. Hope you understand what I mean

The past is something that has happened already. We can not change it. The future has not yet come. There may be a chance we can change the outcome if we fix the present. With what we learned from the past.

We all had our plans, our hope for the future but that is something we can not know. When it comes we just have to try to accept it and make the most of it. Like they say if : Life Gives you Lemons make something good out of it, lemonade, lemon cake or candied lemons, anything to make it sweet so it will be bearable. Just like in life.

What we did in the past or do in the future does not necessarily affects our future. There might be some things but not all. Like if we did something really bad in the past, it is true that it will come to haunt you but if you do something about it in the present to atone for it, the future may look bright for you.

We are told not to dwell in the past but we can make up for it in the present so that our future will be better. We can mold our life with determination, hope, prayers and faith. We also need to make the most of what we have and what we can have.

So think of your past, future and the present and do the best you can and change what you can…for the better.

There is nothing really constant in life but change.



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19 thoughts on “What do You Think More of, The Past, Present or Future”

  1. I am a “daily person” . A chinese teacher asked me one time, why do I like eating ice cream? I told her, why don’t you like eating ice cream? she said, No because she will get fat. LOL. (she’s skinny by the way). Told her.. Ahhh I don’t think of the future because I live for today. I don’t like to deprive myself of something because of the future when I don’t know until when will I live. I like to eat ice cream now, because tomorrow I might not wake up anymore. why deprived myself of little happiness. . I won’t eat 20 gallons of ice cream anyway, just a cup or two .. will do.

    • true it is live for the day with a little peek at your future, we can not change the past but we can mold our future. BTW I love ice cream vanilla or strawberry pls

      • oh yes, no problem.. wait outside for it is personally delivered by a irish hunk… since you are fluent in English I am sending French. LOL.

        he will deliver the ice cream… in 30 minutes

  2. I couldn’t agree with you more. I want to quote: “Your future is created by what you today not tomorrow”. Holding the rope of future for your present is indeed a very good thing to reach your aim.

    • yes we should not dwell too much in the past because it has been done but more on the present where we are still living and then the future later.


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