What Causes Beautiful Sunsets?

Sunset from my back door.
Sunset from my back door.

Sunset is a beautiful time to watch the sky. No two sunsets are alike. Living on Buzzards Bay affords me ample opportunities to view a never ending display of beauty.

The colors of the sunset follow the range of the rainbow. My favorite are when the clouds are backlit by the setting sun giving the impression that the clouds have been gilded, an angel painted the edges with glowing gold paint.

Sadly, the reason the sunsets are so colorful from my neck of the woods is due to the air pollution from New York City. Heavy chemical infiltration causes the atmosphere to glow different colors as the sunlight is refracted through the angle of set.

Without pollution, the sunset is a horizontal layered rainbow coloring. Never-ending cloud formations and the ever-changing chemical mix create the gorgeous array of sunsets we experience.

Natural phenomena have caused this coloring pollution too. It’s not just man-made. Fires, earthquakes and volcanoes account for tons of chemicals entering the atmosphere.

Either way, the sunsets I’ve experienced are breath-taking. Having that special someone to share them with is priceless.

· Photo is mine taken with my Kindle Fire HD.

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2 thoughts on “What Causes Beautiful Sunsets?”

  1. Hello Irene! Thank you for sharing your experience here. I have seen a draw dropping sunset when we were heading to a beautiful place here in Mindanao, and I want to experience it again! Thank you visiting our community my friend!

  2. I always enjoy the blast of colors by nature. It usually evokes different emotions. it nice to know how nature paints beautiful colors for all of us to enjoy. I particularly like sunsets in the beach.


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