What Are Your Source of Income?

How so you earn or get your income? You are lucky if you have a regular stable job. Even though it does not seem much but is the security you get when you know you will be receiving a salary every 15th and 30th. You are also sure of receiving a pension when you retire.

But most of the time the salary is not enough. But what about those who do not have a stable job but are just contractual? We must find ways to earn extra income, even those with stable jobs. Sometimes even those where both husband and wives work it is still hard to earn enough especially if you have children and when they go to school it will be harder.

So we have to be creative, inventive and have the patience and ability to work hard. I know a lot of people who do so many things to earn an extra income to augment their expenses. Now with the increase of almost everything, it seems like a miracle we still manage. Even dying is expensive!

Here are some tips or suggestions that may come in handy for those looking for extra income:

  • If you like to cook and can cook well, you can sell packed meals or viands , even in plastic bag. Get one good customer and they will spread the word.
  • You can also cook preserve foods like the chorizo or tocino and sell them too.
  • If you like crafting you can make accessories like hair clips, headbands, the loombands and sell them.
  • If you know how to sew you can offer your services to other by sewing their clothes or uniforms. Even making rags or rugs from cloth scraps.
  • recycling to make things to sell.
  • Collecting plastic, aluminum, glass and metal and sell by kilo or pounds.
  • Some earn extra by doing home service manicure and pedicure. Even hair curling and coloring and haircuts.
  • For those who are computer literate and have their own computer can do online jobs. Online blogging like this. There are more jobs that can be done, transcribing and ghost writing. Even doing the small PTC (paid to click) helps.
  • Some places you can offer your services like baby sitting, cleaning the grounds, car wash, and even dog sitting. Once you have a steady customer and you do your job well for sure they will always contact you when they need a sitter.
  • Selling thru companies like Avon, Red, Tupperware and others.
  • Tutoring children or even adults in subjects, cooking, or even playing an instrument

Sometimes we just have to look hard and to find other means of income. you just have to be persistent. Don’t expect to be an instant millionaire but start out slow then steadily move up. Persistence does pay off. You must also be really interested in the extra job you are doing so you will succeed because if you are not, soon the business will fold and you will loose the capital you put in. Don’t jump from one business to another.

You need to have patience, understanding and be hard working. These are just some suggestions and tips.


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single mom. I love to cook, read books and most esp., I love dogs. I also love to blog, been blogging since 2012 but still learning. I write blogs for 5 different sites so I am getting more experienced.

18 thoughts on “What Are Your Source of Income?”

  1. Sometimes it comes to my mind why some allow themselves to live miserable if they still have both hands and feet to work and earn? Yes life is hard, who says it isn’t? But the fact that we have so many means around us to survive and at least live decently, why not use it. I admire people who continuously works harder in spite that they are old already rather seeing younger ones who love to gamble and feeling go lucky in life.

    • yes they say they need money but like last night on the news a blind man was walking barefoot carrying on his shoulder a bamboo pole with some coconuts that were peeled and ready to open and eat. he said his son picked up the fallen coconuts to sell. Despite the tragedy he found a way to earn something with the help of his son

  2. I have tried a lot of stuff to earn- from selling fruits, housewares, clothes and accessories, credit cards, other products and services through online selling and of course, worked at the pharmacy, BPO and online jobs. But they were not enough to make me rich! LOL But at least I had something to get busy with

    • hahaha me too… at early age I was a vegetable vendor in the market. the ones harvested in our vacant lot… then also a lot of what ever… i had done in my life, even selling personalized stationary hahaha .. working student when I was in college. LOL.

      and yet not rich until now. : (

        • unfortunately I don’t have so much… I mean I don’t know where my money is going… LOL. I don’t shop for clothes and shoes not that much unless I really have to… Now that I am “older” my sisters and nieces give me stuff that I am using.. like ipad and make up and phone.. if they don’t I wouldn’t have any hahaha (pathetic).

          • Whatever I earn, they mostly go for the needs of the kids, primarily. FOOD. Although I love to shop, sometimes, even when I am about to pay for an item, I would just drop it and then buy something for my kids instead. So, I just rely on my mom, sister and sister in law with my new stuff! LOL

          • I also rely on my brothers sometimes but sometimes I just try to forget about it the I also don’t know where my money goes????

          • ahhh yes we are both the same hahaha…

            anyway, i also treat my sisters, nieces and nephews to food too mostly in buffet hahaha.. (such a treat)

          • that’s true.. but you know what I have learned about life, and living alone.. sometimes it is good to take sometime for myself… and give myself a treat… those hardwork ever since I was a kid, they were true… was not forced to but I think I have this…”thing” in me.

            now here on my own…. this is my liberation. and traveling … my treat. no money as in cash.. have to work to treat myself still… but… i am just fine

  3. my time now is devoted to teaching. but you know money doesn’t really matter (maybe matter just just a little)… I chose to teach here than there even if I have a very little salary (that’s why I have to work on line so I can meet both ends somehow)… but I am happier and more contented…


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