What are the best snacks for your kids?

As part of my back to school series, we moms, ensuring that our kids eats well even we are not around is one of our main concern to make sure that they are healthy, stronger and ready to all challenges they are going to face in their everyday school activities.

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For all Moms who have a kid just like my son age, making them eat is a challenge because of a diet shift. They tend to eat a food that is not healthy for them and often times food that you prepared for them wasted because they do not like to eat it.

Actually this part is my continuous fight because I always share it to my friends feeding Rhen is like joining in a battle and every time this aspect fails me. But not anymore, I learned from my mistakes now due to never-ending trials and experimentation, I am able to outvie this challenge.

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Here’s what to do:

Cook them an extra ordinary food from an Ordinary recipe:

Ever morning I give him enough time to enjoy his food, I put a little bit of twist from an ordinary fried fish by putting an extra sweet sauce and a little bit of design. Start the serving from a small size and after he done the first serve add some more and this technique works for him.

Every morning the most common breakfast served are ham, egg, Longganisa, tocino and any fried dishes. Make sure add a little bit of twist depending on your kids desired to eat. Add a little bit of design to entice and intrigues them to taste the food.

Prepare a sandwich for their school snacks or merienda:

Sandwiches can be a power food for them so make it healthy. Put some veggies, cheese, mayo and meat or fish.

Every time I prepared sandwich for Rhen I make it a complete meal for him, I hear you! Making them eat veggies is hard. So try to blend the veggies to hide it from them then add mayo or any cream they love and cheese.

Prepare juices. Milk and Chocó for their drinks:

Many kids do not like to drink milk.  My Rhen don’t like to drink it so before I have to change his milk from time to time to encourage him to drink it. But I always disappointed because his dog is the one who always drink his milk.

Therefore, I learned to put a twist for his milk by putting some flavors. I add Chocó on it or a bit of orange and strawberry flavor or any flavor available at home. But be sure your kids love the flavor.

Prepare something different for their snacks such as boiled banana, boiled potato or mashed potato, fries, banana cue, Ginataan. And do not forget to prepare them a fruits for their snacks.

So Mommies and Kids happy back to school.

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  1. These are helpful when feeding kids who are a bit picky. But with my kids, I never had to worry. They got my genes! I eat anything. There was no room for being picky when I was a kid. My dad would insist on eating whatever is prepared on the table. And that is what I have trained my kids to do.


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