What are employers looking for in an applicant?

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Ok fine, we are very much confident that this is a sure job for us, aren’t we?  So we applied, and then later we will find out that we just didn’t qualify for the position, not even considered in the short list of applicants.  Disappointing I know.. hurting, yes… and really self esteem bursting.   You may think, “well I followed all the tips in the D2Dtips, why then I failed.   You may  have self monologue saying,  what’s wrong with me?   Oh well, don’t jump out of the window yet, there is nothing wrong with you (probably?)  but maybe you just didn’t fit in the job.

So let us find out what do these employers are looking for in a candidate?  Is it qualifications, educational background, skills or simply beauty?  It is just too bad if it is just beauty unless it is for a modelling career.  Anyway, enough of these adlibs, it is time to know what are EMPLOYERS LOOKING FOR, and why on earth we can’t get the job we wanted.

  • A study was conducted to US and asked 50,000 employers of what exactly they are looking for from an applicant.   Based on the survey, majority of the employers are looking for applicants who have experience related to the available job.  This is particularly specified in the fields of Science/Technology, Services/Retail, and Media/Communications courses.

Maybe you are wondering how a newly graduate can acquire work experience.  For the newly graduates, the employers are considering the on-the-job training, internship or practicum each had taken in the college, thus this includes the working experience of each student working while studying.  So this falls now to the college curricula and exposure of the students to the related field of studies versus practicum.

Furthermore, based on this study, the employers are not really after the academic grades of the applicants.

Yes, the college or university should consider this factor of employability of their graduates in the future.

  •   Work Experience is the first one the employers are considering in the position.

This article is based on research conducted by The Chronicle of Higher Education and American Public Media’s Marketplace in August to  September 2012.  The title of this study is. The Role of Higher Education in Career Development: Employer Perceptions.

Data taken from: http://chronicle.com/items/biz/pdf/Employers%20Survey.pdf

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23 thoughts on “What are employers looking for in an applicant?”

  1. Sometimes, it is just hard to get a real good job, not because of one’s educational background or skills but sometimes it is merely because of the fact that companies would want to hire an employee that no longer needs to be taught a lot–someone who has done the job gazillion times and has almost perfected it. This will lessen the time and money that the company will waste in training for individuals.

        • you have a point though honestly this study was conducted not to discourage the graduates but to help realize what particular aspect in their curriculum that should be strengthen.

          about that… government getting in the picture of training students? I think there will be a problem with other people.. remember K12 and remember moving to a latter day the opening classes because of many road constructions??? may opposed.. so annoying

          • K-12 system may be helpful for the children, but it would be a bit of a burden for the parents.

          • I agree in K12, as long as they will really, really really, work on the teaching students vocational subjects that may teach them some skills.

            well parents can stretch a bit for the benefit of their children

          • This is where I am somewhat caught in between with that system. I am not discriminating those who came from Public schools. but seeing the teachers from those schools now, I think that they really lack the UMMPPH to be a real good teacher compared to those who teach in Private schools. Why do the government allow this to happen? Just when taking national entrance examinations, the grades that the students get from the Public schools were lower than the Private school. So, I think that more than wanting to improve the system of education for the students now is a refresher’s course for the teachers as well so that the quality of education can be uplifted.

          • absolutely the sad fact of being in Public school. I studied from Public school (elementary to college). When I was in college we had the most behind computers, imagine green monochrome monitor and we studied old programming languages, Fortran .. and COBOL though Cobol is the fundamental programming language. I am not sure if I was just lucky because I was able to get a “teaching” job after I graduated, .. teaching computer, when all software were new (Wordstar and Lotus 123) hahaha so while teaching, I have to study by myself too. phew… (please don’t count the number of years anymore, anyway, I taught DOS, too) LOL

          • Hahaha! Back in High school, we were taught DOS , flowcharting and a lot more things. Sadly, I was not as studious as when I was in College. I was chatting with my friends during Computer time! LOL

            I am pretty sure that we are almost of the same age. hahaha. No worries!

          • whaaaaaaat.. I am not sure if my school was really “that’ public school because we didn’t have computer lessons. Actually during my term paper days, I used typewriter to type my it. argh!!!

            and “I was the DOS/computer teacher” lol

          • ehemmm not to brag… when someone ask my age and i tell them.. they will be surprised… ehemmm they say, I don’t look my age, I don’t like to dwell on it too much… it might be a + or a – hahaha.. so better have my thought that I look younger than older. hahaha

          • Some would say the same thing to me. I am happy that they see me younger than I really am despite the tons of problems I have! LOL Great Mask I am wearing!

          • hmm.. mine too.. oh well maybe I don’t need to buy the mask.. hahaha I have that.. really “thick” hahahaha I got all the guts. as they say.. argh! negative? positive? i don’t know

  2. On the other hand, employers don’t want a person over a certain age, no matter how much experience they have. I think they want a 30-something with the experience of a 60-something and the looks of a 20-something. This is based on personal experience. : /

    Your article is very good and should be a heads up for college students and graduates alike, letting them know what a potential employer is looking for.

    • the data i used here were from a research conducted and released to the public in Dec. 2012, though it is a year over i think, it still applies up to now.

      Anyway, the employers that you are stating might be looking for an alien hehehe

  3. Our son, about two or so years ago, realized that the jobs in his field of expertise weren’t in our area and looked in different states. He’s got the education and the experience and found exactly what he was looking for.

    It was over 1,000 miles away from us, which was the only downfall, but we encouraged him all the way and after eight (yes, really eight) interviews, seven of them video, one in person, he’s got a dream job.

    We’re very proud of him, but sure wish we could see each other more than once per year.

    • this is good to know.. and congratulations to your son. well it is really nice to get something that you worked hard for…

      well you can have skype for that matter. you can see him everyday.

  4. I am thinking about the current status of our country when it comes to hiring. You are right because most of the companies are looking for skills and experiences particularly for skilled workers and thanks to TESDA because many are able to get this skills for free or with minimum fee. At least younger generations have a choice especially now that many universities are in tuition fee hike.

    • that’s true and I am also impressed that TESDA is reaching out to small communities. My sister enrolled and took masseurs in TESDA, if I was not called back here immediately I was planning to take a language course .

  5. Some companies look for applicants who need no training at all, as you said, and those that have lots of potentials needed by the company.


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