What are employers looking for in an applicant? Part 3


What other factors are to be considered in the hiring process of an applicant?  This time is about the intrinsic part of the hiring process.  There are several questions in the interview that will show the intrinsic qualities of an applicant.  These are the “caught an unaware” questions, that most applicants were really put into unfavourable side.  The employer of course would want to know the inner qualities of an applicant.  These inner qualities may make  or break them.  Another way of finding out these qualities is through the psychological exams.


What intrinsic qualities the employers are looking for?


Team player or team breaker.    Are you a team player or just a breaker?  Most jobs require the employee to work with other employees.  How willing is the applicant to cooperate with others?


Independent worker


Some questions without the applicant knowledge is leading to test his/her ability to work under the minimum supervision.  Can an applicant work alone?   Will this applicant take the initiative to work for the benefit of the company?   Will the applicant just play around when no one is seeing him/her?  Just a reminder, be careful then now on your hobbies?  Be careful when answering the question what do you do on your free time or something about how do you use your idle time?  There are more other questions or tests that may test one’s initiative quality.  Be witty.




This is a test on how flexible are you and how much you can give to the company.    Sometimes the questions would be will you be willing to spend your weekend here in the company if need arises?  Or sometimes it is included in the psychological test.  Or questions leading how much time will you be willing to spend in the company?  Or will there be a problem to you in case you will be asked to stay for overtime?




If D2Dtips, would want its members to be loyal and rewarding loyal members, what more a company would want?   Yes, loyalty to the company.  You may wonder how would you show your loyalty to the company when you are just new.   For some applicants who had work experience, they would see the number of years this applicant stayed in the company before looking or moving to another one.  It is very important for them to have loyal employees, because the company will spend money and time just to train an employee.   Some of the questions that may ask is, what do you think you are doing 5 years from now or something to that effect?  The employer would want to know if you have intention of staying or improving yourself with them, or just leave them after a  month or a year.   Loyalty is very important so if you are asked about your plan make sure you will be able to answer intelligently.


There are some questions which are designed to detect these qualities in a person, team player, initiative, loyal and flexible.   This may be detected through interviews and psychological exams.   These can’t be “studied”.   Remember that the values are caught and not taught.


Be careful, before answering questions think inhale and exhale first, think very well and be smart.   Of course don’t forget the self confidence and high self esteem.


Phew.. yeah I know you are probably thinking whaaaaaat.. so many things to do and to study before getting a job?  Don’t break down yet, if you do you will be tested as cuckoo instead.   Relax and don’t panic.  Inhale.. exhale..  inhale… (wait I have to make a cup of coffee I will be back)…   ok exhale…OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Now to summarize


Employers are looking for


  1.  Relevant work experience
  2. Excellent communication skills both in oral and written
  3. Possess good qualities as stated above.


Yes, I am now reading a classified ads here, in the “wanted” section,  haha just kidding.   I am sure now an applicant who wants to be hired should bear in mind those major three qualifications and skills.


Good luck and happy job hunting.


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Life is a journey. Learn from every step of it.

8 thoughts on “What are employers looking for in an applicant? Part 3”

  1. Funny how I all learned those things on the spot! LOL As in on the very day of the job interview. I had no experience working in another office other than managing my brother’s pharmacy for 10 years. My computer literacy was about as little as a Grade 3 student studying the basics of computer. But I guess, they felt the sincerity and my dedication to the job I had because I practically was multi-tasking for 10 years.

    • yes, some have it … and it is there.. that qualifies you maybe your dedication, i think it really shows in an applicant.

      • Probably, and I have really set my mind to do go on the job I was applying for. However, I wasn’t able to stay long enough coz it was taking toll on my health being always working on a graveyard shift.

        • awwww… that’s too bad. really that’s something you know, sleep in the morning and sleep in the night… I don’t know what biological thing it does to our body but it will really affect the health once the person doesn’t get enough sleep.

          • It does have an effect. And there was a study that showed that even though a person (i.e. Call center agent) sleeps good hours but it was during the morning, still it has a huge difference than normal sleeping. Being a mom, it was hard for me to juggle between work and my kids. My kids were still young then so I need to help them study everyday. It would only take me 2-3 hours of sleep each day and I was frightened I would end up in the hospital. I had to give up my work even though I have learned to really love my job. My family comes first, of course.

          • oh yes family is always the top priority, and if you have these responsibilities really you will have difficulty with the time. I am not sure, but I think I read somewhere that the body clock adjusts to what we usually do. but that is if no problem like yours, and will still have 8 hours sleep in the morning

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