What are employers looking for in an applicant? Part 2


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We may think of a lot of what should and we shouldn’t consider when we are applying for the job.  We have pound our head on the wall and squeeze the our brains, on how we will be able to be employed, but have we ever thought of what really an employer would look for in a candidate and if we are certain that we have it.


As far as the qualifications is concern, the work experience over powered the academic standing of the applicants.  Majority of the employers, look for candidates with good work experience, specifically if this is related to the same job the applicant is applying.  This qualification I think applies to those who had been and currently employed and also to those who are newly graduates.   For those who had been and currently working, the work experience, the relevance of the past experience is given weight and for those the new graduates, the internship, apprenticeship, on-the-job training or practicum is taken into consideration.


For the skills, of course aside from the computer literacy, the employers are also looking for the applicants to communicate, either in written and oral.    Majority of employers are looking for the candidates to be articulate in both aspects.   For this reason, again the education plays a vital role for this said skill, so they should hone their students to communicate effectively.   However, this skill does not only a sole responsibility of the school.   Each individual has the biggest responsibility to develop and improve themselves.


So in skill category, communication in written and oral are given much importance to employability.


This article was based on the research/study conducted by The Chronicle of Higher Education and American Public Media’s Marketplace in August to  September 2012.  The title of this study is. The Role of Higher Education in Career Development: Employer Perceptions.


Reference link: http://chronicle.com/items/biz/pdf/Employers%20Survey.pdf


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5 thoughts on “What are employers looking for in an applicant? Part 2”

  1. You are right. And I guess a lot of companies do consider the work experience to be their main criteria in hiring because it would mean that they would not need to spend more time in teaching their newly hired employees.

    • yup…
      and aside from that the communication skills, which I think we really lack nowadays especially when texting and jejemon communication styles came out.

      • Yeah! Texting has a huge impact with the way people communicate nowadays. Even I am guilty of that sometimes especially when I reply to comments using my mobile phone! LOL

        • LOL. good thing that I am not really into “texting” ever since, I am more on emailing and calling. i am so lazy texting.. I would rather call even for a minute.


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