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Last weekend, my mom, brother and I were talking about vacations.  My parents and I will be going to Bangkok, Thailand this coming New Year.  I am really excited because first, I have not been to Thailand.  Second, this will be the first time my parents and I will leave the country together and lastly, this will be the first time we will spend New Year that is not in our home.

My brother wanted to visit our aunt who is currently living in Florida U.S.A  I want to go to U.S.A too and my mom seems excited with the thought but going to U.S. is not as easy as going to Asian countries like Thailand.  I mean first you need to have a lot of money to spend because going to U.S. means you might be spending there for three weeks to a month at least.  Second, VISA application can be tough.  You need to pay P6,000 for VISA application.  If you were not granted, the money won’t be returned to you.  P6,000 is a lot of cash.

My brother asked me if I already went outside the country that required VISA.  Sad to say, I have not.  He gave me some tips.  He said that it might help if I try to go out of the country with VISA like in Taiwan before going to U.S.  Then, it is important that you show them that you are not too eager to go the U.S. because sometimes people that are too eager or too excited get rejected.

I also made my own research on how to pass U.S. VISA Interview and here are what I found out:

  1. Prepare all documents a week or 2 before your actual interview
  2. Eat – Whatever the time of your interview will be either morning or in the afternoon, be sure that you are well nourished because it might take long hours before you will actually be interviewed.
  3. Be an Hour Early – Actually, for whatever interviews that you need to attend, it is best to be early.  In this case, an hour is what they are suggesting.  At least you have the luxury of time to relax a little especially if you have traveled a long way.  Bring water also and fan.  These two can be very helpful while waiting in line.
  4. Dress appropriately – I have read that if you are a student, you do not need to wear business attire like long sleeves, coats, slacks, tie, or dresses.  You can just actually wear polo shirts, T-shirts (with no loud prints pleas) and jeans.   If you are a businessman, wear business attire but no need for coat and tie.  If you are an employee, wear corporate attire like slacks, long sleeves, blouses/tops but again, no need for coat and tie.  I have read that there are a lot of “overdressed” applicants that are being denied for VISA because immigration officers can smell desperation.  Just always keep it decent, and simple.
  5. Be confident in the interview – It is important that you just answer what it is that is being asked from you.  No need to elaborate unless instructed.  If they will ask you the reason why you want to go to U.S. and the reason is for vacation then answer vacation.  No need for you to enumerate the places that you want to go to unless you are being asked.
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  1. sometimes, I think it is just a matter of Luck… they say, they say some interviewees are a bit more lenient… some really too rigid…

    but these tips are excellent… hmm Taiwan?

  2. Hello there @disqus_ao0YjNqa2K:disqus These are excellent reminders. The smallest detail can make or break an interview – especially if you are getting a Visa.


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