Ways to Make Extra Money

Ways to extra money in 2020

If you want to supplement your income, whether it’s because you want to buy a large ticket item or to simply improve your quality of life, there are plenty of ways to do so. 

Have a Yard Sale 

People are always in need of things and a yard sale will benefit them and you. Take a weekend and dedicate it to clearing out the basement, attic, and garage and then place the items in good condition in a separate location. Furniture, baby goods of any type, kids’ toys and books are items of high interest to those who stop at yard sales. If you’re unsure of the pricing, visit a few sales before you have yours to gather information so that yours is a huge success. 

Become a Driver 

Lyft and Uber are well-known companies that are constantly on the hunt for new drivers.  However, with deliveries being the new added benefit for many businesses, retail stores and chain restaurants are also in dire need. A part-time job driving for even just a few hours per day can offer a return of $50.00 or more per hour depending on the company and destination. 

Freelance Services 

With remote workers becoming the norm, many businesses are outsourcing a lot of their work to freelancers. The good news is that you can work for 5, 10, or more hours each week to coincide with your day to day availability. And, with the help of companies like Evernote, you can do your research on remote work opportunities and save webpage information for a later date. 

Baby Sitting 

People work full time and have children, so there’s always a need for reliable babysitters. If you love children and have the time, you can make a good salary working a few hours daily. Check the local paper or browse through sites such as Craigslist. 


If you have the skills, tutoring high school or college students can prove quite lucrative. Many parents will hire a tutor to get their child’s grade up or to improve their scores on the SATs. You can tutor at their home or online. Try sites like Tutor.com or Care.com to see what jobs are available.   


Do you make crafts that everyone enjoys? Well, how about putting a price tag on them and listing them on Etsy for sale? Handmade goods are always in demand. The site charges a small fee and you can list items as often as you like. 

Get Paid to Compare Prices 

Some companies hire part-time people to go to their competitors’ stores to see what they are selling and the prices. For a little bit of work, you’ll become a mystery shopper and make money, too. 

Work Seasonally 

Almost anywhere in the country, there are times when companies need to hire people just for the upcoming season. For example, if you live near the coast, you can become a lifeguard. Or, during the Christmas season, you can work part-time at the nearest retail store. 

Are You Handy? 

The newest trend is hiring people to put things together. Some companies like TaskRabbit are already making huge profits. Contact them or create a listing of your own on Craigslist. 

House Sitting 

People go on vacation and many are uncomfortable leaving their homes empty and unattended. House-sitting can bring in revenue a few times a year. Get your name out there on social media and land a job that requires only a few visits to check the home and the property. 

Dog Walker 

People will pay dearly for their furry friend to have proper care and dog walking is one of those expenses. You can charge your own fee and earn $20.00 to $40.00 an hour. 

There are many things you can do to earn a few extra dollars a day or each week. Check for legitimate freelance sites online or your local paper to see who needs help. 

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