Want A Spa Style Massage At Home? Read This

Massage therapy is a great way of relieving sore muscles, decreasing stress and increasing flexibility and tone. But having a professional massage at a spa may not be to everyone’s taste. You may feel uncomfortable being undressed or you might be unable to travel a considerable distance to reach the nearest spa. Having a massage at home could make you feel more at ease. You could have a masseuse visit your home or buy a massage chair. A massage chair could provide fantastic benefits to your health as you reach your golden years. If you’re considering buying a new massage chair, here are some top tips to help you.

Read reviews before you buy

Massage chair reviews are a great way of finding out how well a chair performs and if it is value for money. You should always read these reviews before parting with your money. Otherwise, you could find yourself stuck with a chair that needs frequent repairs and lacks the quality of massage you require. Read the reviews that other customers have written and learn from their mistakes. Also, don’t be afraid to comment on their reviews and ask for more details and where they bought their chair from. There are so many brands and models of massage chair available, and some will have better reviews than others. Note the pros and cons of each model before you go shopping to give you a better understanding of what to avoid and what to buy. The more information you can find out the better.

Image source: niels roza @ flickr
Image source: niels roza @ flickr

Sit in the chair

If you’re shopping in a store, always sit down in the chair and try out all the features. You may want a chair that provides an extensive massage to a particular area, or you may want an overall massage experience. Most chairs will come with pre-set massages in varying strengths, so make sure it is suitable for your requirements. Sitting in the chair may highlight that the chair cannot target your problem area sufficiently. Also, consider if other members of your family will want to use it. You may need a model that has more adjustability features that can cater to your whole family’s needs. Sitting in the chair will also let you know how comfortable it is. This is the only way you can determine if the chair is too hard or lacks back support.


You may find that the chair you have chosen does not ease your pain as much as you hoped or doesn’t match your decor. If you are buying online, the massage chair may arrive and have a faulty part or not turn on. Most retailers will offer a refund, exchange or repair service, but these can often be within a fixed period. If you go beyond this period, you may find yourself stuck with an unsuitable chair and face expensive repair charges. So always check the warranty before you buy your massage chair.

These top tips will help you find the best massage chair possible for you and your family to use. You can then reap all of the benefits it has to offer all from the comfort of your own home.

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