Walking Works Wonders

The mind can do strange things to good people. Life happens. Sometimes life events create mental stress that moves in and doesn’t know when it is no longer welcome. The more one worries, the more it takes its toll. For the most part, time will heal this condition. The body will fight against what is stressing it out. Sometimes, though, the situation gets a bit out of hand. Depression sets in. What goes on in the mind effects the overall health of the body.

Mental health issues still carry a stigma. For that reason alone, it is difficult to make the decision to seek professional help from a psychologist or a psychiatrist.

Before allowing the mind to run amok to the point where thoughts run together at such a pace that you can’t separate them anymore, it is time to start walking.

Walking is free. All you need is a pair of comfortable shoes and comfortable clothes. As long as you have a safe area (a park, your block, a trail, the shore, the mall), just go for it.

The gait of a walk, left hand swings with right foot, right hand swings with left foot, sets a pace. Your posture automatically improves. Your thoughts slow down and pace themselves with your steps. You start to organize them. The added oxygen to your system begins to give you a more positive attitude.

Soon you find you have direction to your thoughts. Solutions begin to present. You are even sleeping better. Your peers are commenting that you look better.

Before you know, you are back to your old happier self. Walking has that effect.

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Irene Nevins

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9 thoughts on “Walking Works Wonders”

  1. walking again??? argh!!! it is not the I am complaining.. but yes I am complaining… hahaha

    happy walking

      • hahaha… it is not that I am complaining but I really do. hahaha… I love leisure walking.. not the brisk.. and you know like in the shore… or in the mountain… (is that trekking or hiking?) hahaha

  2. I love walking places. I don’t do much in terms of purposely going out to exercise, but I choose to ditch the car for my feet when I’m going to my own high street or picking up my daughter from nursery. I just don’t see the point in driving, especially when it is so beautiful outside.

    • Good for you. Not only is walking better for your body, you are reducing your carbon foot print each time you contravene the car. You are also setting a good example for your daughter.

  3. My husband and I have recently started walking in the evening. It’s a wonderful time for us to touch base and work on our health. Great article.

    • Walking and bonding is so good for mental health as well as physical health. Good for the two of you.


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