Virtues at Work

A week ago, I attended a training which was conducted by a colleague and also a friend of mine here in our office.  Some may think that attending seminars and workshops can be boring and a waste of time, for me, it is an opportunity to learn more, relax, and have fun.

We talked about the different virtues that can be used in the workplace.  Honestly, I never thought about these virtues.  When I hear virtues, the first thing that comes to mind is to be religious.  Apparently, these virtues that we practice here at work can really help us overcome challenges and dealing with people.

1. Patience – This my not be the superior virtue but patience is quite important with what I do.  I have been in the Recruitment Department for five years already and if I am not patient, I might have resigned two or three years ago.

I was never a patient person.  I have no patience with people who do not value work and other people’s time.  I get irritated when applicants do not show up even if they were schedule a day before to be interviewed or to take an examination.  If I dwell on these people and let them get in my nerves, I must have given up a long time ago.

I learned to be patient in waiting the right applicants for our campaigns.  I learned to be patient in looking for these people that will fit our needs.  And because of that patience, we make our clients happy.  Our employers make us happy too.

2. Faith – They say God will not give you something that you cannot handle.  There are times that we have a lot of campaigns to fill in with quality agents.  But since it is impossible to get them right away (competition is very stiff in the industry where I work), sometimes I lose faith that we will be able to meet the deadline that was given to us.  But because of faith, somehow, we were able to complete almost all our targets on time.  We did not need to bargain or to extend the deadline.

When I say faith, it is not just by praying to Him every day but also being proactive in searching the best candidate possible based from all of our resources.

3. Humility – I was never a credit grabber.  If a subordinate of mine has a bright idea or an intelligent suggestion, I will never, ever claim it as mine.  I tell my boss where the idea came from.  Why do I need to claim the idea if by the end of the day, my subordinates’ success will also reflect as my success?

Being humble is not being a doormat or to be a pushover but it means that you just want to have a harmonious relationship with your subordinates and with your other co-employees even if you are working from different departments.

4. Hope – Hope is similar to faith.  You always hope for the better with whatever work that you do.  You hope that the people you deploy will do their jobs properly.  You hope that the people you employed are the ones your clients are looking for.  You hope that by the end of the day, your efforts will be noticed by the higher people that they will reward you and your team for a job well done.

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