Verifying your Paypal thru SMARTMoney Card

This post is related to my tips on “How to apply SMARTMoney Card”. Check out this link:

If you received the card, it is time to start verifying your Paypal account.

Make sure your card has been link to your simcard and follow the following steps:

1. Open your cellphone and go to SMART or Talk ‘N Text Menu, be sure your account is loaded of atleast Php 100.00, the amount will be credited to your Paypal right after, if verification successfully done.

2. Open you Paypal account and click verify

3. In your cellphone, go to SMARTMoney and unlock Internet Transaction to proceed the verification process. After the transaction made by your SMARTMoney card, it automatically unlock. So if you are not careful, you will be charge in every transaction either successful or not.

4. In your  Paypal, choose MASTERCARD and enter the card number together with the expiration date and 3-digit security code found at the back of your card, be sure your address used in Paypal is the same on the address given during your card application. If not, your verification process won’t be successful and you will be charge by SMART. After all the details has been entered, click CONTINUE.

5. You will received an SMS every transaction you made and you will be notified thru SMS if your transaction was successful. A matter of seconds, you will received  your 4-digit code exposure by an SMS. Enter the code to your paypal for final verification.

Based on my personal experience,  it is the simple and easiest way to verify your Paypal. The difference, EON can also be use as your withdrawal account for funds and it will be credited directly to your account. SMARTMoney intended for verification only. You need to add your bank account if you want to withdraw your Paypal funds.

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42 thoughts on “Verifying your Paypal thru SMARTMoney Card”

  1. I got a question, partner.. IS it possible to add funds to your Paypal account using Smart Money account?

    • SMARTMoney is only for verifying your Paypal account. For withdrawal, you need to add your bank account. SMARTMoney is the simplest and fastest way of verifying your Paypal. If you are in Metro Manila, within 5 days you will get your card and within a span of seconds you will get your EXPOSURE CODE.

      • Hm, this is the clearer answer I’ve got after so many articles I’ve read about smart money, this is the reason why I asked you to wrote this post bro to correct the misconception of using smart money card.

          • It is clearer now bro, actually I am going to send this card for my mother that is why I am delighted that some of my queries are answered.

          • I thing I like, the ATM service. I can control the funds in my account. If your plan is to give the card to your mother, that’s a good idea. Anytime when you mother need your financial assistance, in a span of seconds you can transfer any amount to that card. Just a couple of second transaction through your mobile phone.

      • you are absolutely wrong, You can withdraw your paypal fund using smart money. I already tested it. try to google search.

        • I read the one that I saw your comments but based on my evaluation, there are some that faces problems with regards to their withdrawals.

          I read on the heading “Proceed at your own discretion”. I won’t try the service that it won’t works for everybody. Besides, the charge also is not fair. Then if the transactions not successful, you will still pay the transaction fees.

          • the fact that you can use your smart mastercard to verify your paypal account, means you can also transfer your paypal fund there.

            Just like other having a problem verifying using smart mastercard. You cant do anything if you dont follow the process correctly.

          • Hi,Am also a smartmoney user since..i can even withdraw funds from paypal using this card but it takes even a days to get the cash because of the process.. My problem is.. Mine is expired now.. Am planning to get a new one or maybe request to activate the same card? Do you think new released smartmoney cards still works in withdraw?

          • Once you receive your new card, anytime, you can update your expired card in your Paypal account. Mine too had been expired. I can’t apply a new one because I am still outside Philippines but still I can withdraw my online earnings in my Paypal account. The only thing I can’t do, is to make purchase online to any online store.

          • Let’s wait until SMART Communications will improved their services in connection with Paypal. I think, they are working on it. But at the moment, I am confident to withdraw my online earnings through my BPI account.

  2. I got my smart money card in less than one hour. I don’t know if other Smart centers are offering the same. For me this is the fastest way to verify PayPal account.

    • Yes you can have it within 30 minutes if the wireless has the machine to reproduce cards. I have one SMARTMONEY card I got within 30 minutes but the print on the card can easily remove. We are SMARTPADALA centers in our town so expected we have more than 10 cards before but now become less because SMART issued as a certificate as SMARTPadala centers with unlimited transactions.

  3. Someone help me! i’m a verified paypal user before, but recently i’m about to buy online but paypal denied it, and i found out that there is a 4digit code i should enter to verified my smart money card so i can buy again online, so where do i redeem that 4 digit code?

      • No it’s not expired yet, as i remember this paypal 4digit code is not required before, this code is a new thing to verify that i’m the owner of the card and for much security of paypal account, it said on paypal to check my online credit card statement for the unique 4-digit code, i already contact smart center if they have my code but they said they don’t have it and they dont have access on paypal? any suggestion ?

        • I’ve been in Paypal since 2005 until now. No changes with regards to their way of verifying your account. You need to enter the 4 digit exposure code. If you are using SMARTMoney card, you got it through SMS few seconds after you successfully enter your card number. Have you used SMARTMoney card to verify your Paypal?

          • yeah sorry my bad, i recall it now yes it requires the 4-digit code! again my bad and yes i used my smart money card to verify my paypal and already used it for lots of times but recently paypal denied it when im about to buy something online i dunno why but it requires again to enter a paypal code which is the 4-digit code.

          • You can obtain a 4 digit exposure code right after you enter you card number. Maybe you need to re-enter again your new card because your previous card had been expired. I mean, the one you used to verify before already expired so you need to secure new card and added on your Paypal account.

          • alright uhhmm as i say my card isn’t expired yet but just now i request to resend a new code and just a matter of second i recieve my 4-digit code via sms, btw thank you sir for your time to reply for my problem, its all good now thanks, cheers!!

  4. How can I verified my account on D2D Tips? Because when I finish my text and going to click submit button then it tells me that I haven’t verified yet 🙁 And I lost my long text up to 300 words 🙁
    Someone help me please!

    • I think not all are works. Please try yourself first and give us proof that your transaction will be successful.

      I never tried myself because of the charges. In fact, I have several options to withdraw my Paypal funds. What amazed me with SMARTMoney is the fast verification of your Paypal account.

      For withdrawal I choose BDO and BPI account.

      What I did, my Paypal funds are transferred to my BDO account. I used online banking with my BDO so I can access my transaction anywhere I go, if it is credited, I inform my wife to transfer my BDO funds to SMARTMoney because I am also using mobile banking. Every transactions I did are monitored, so it’s easy for me.

  5. I personally would not trust getting my money this way. It sould like it would be too easy for someone to hack the account. I hope, they have some type of protection for your account.

    • Actually, within a span of seconds your SMARTMONEY account will automatically LOCK. There’s no tendency somebody can hack your account, if they don’t have in there hand the simcard that link to your account.

  6. Sir/Mam please help me.

    Kakaverify ko lang po ng account ko, Tapos dun po sa my recent activity nakita ko po ung na refund na dw yung 100 ko.

    pero after 2 days nag send ang paypal ng msg sa email ko tapos nakikita ko parin yung paypal balance ko 100 diba dpt 0 na ung..eto po ung msg

    Dear Jason Lewiz Balina,

    You recently tried to pay with PayPal but the transaction was declined because your debit/credit card provider did not allow it to go through.

    How to complete my payment

    You may add or choose another payment method to avoid a similar situation in future by following these steps:
    1. Log in to your PayPal account at
    2. Go to ‘My preferences’ then ‘My money’.
    3. Add a new card or choose a different payment method as default.

    You may also contact your card provider to understand why your payment did not go through.

    Yours sincerely,

  7. Sinubukan ko pong iverify paypal ko using smart money, pero ganito po ang laging lumalabas:

    The bank that issued your card didn’t approve this transaction. Please contact the card issuer’s customer service department if you have any questions. Or you can add a different card now to continue.

    Naka unlock naman po ung internet transaction nung ginawa, may load din po ung sim ko at may balance akong 500 sa smart money ko.

    Patulong po. Salamat.

  8. Sinubukan ko pong iverify paypal ko using smart money, pero ganito po ang laging lumalabas:

    The bank that issued your card didn’t approve this transaction. Please contact the card issuer’s customer service department if you have any questions. Or you can add a different card now to continue.

    Naka unlock naman po ung internet transaction nung ginawa, may load din po ung sim ko at may balance akong 200 sa smart money ko.

    Patulong po. Salamat.

    • Hello Shirley,

      I am sorry if you have encountered a problem verifying your PayPal with Smart Money Card. I hope George will come here and answer your question.

      Anyway, would you consider one of the easiest alternative? I think of writing a post about it. For more than 4 years I have been using EON from Unionbank to verify my PayPal account and I’ve been using it to withdraw my funds too since then.

      Easy and fast… and EON is very affordable. It’s a debit card and with it, you also have a banking account.

      You can check this out or go to the nearest Unionbank branch near you and inquire about EON.


  9. Hi my paypal account has been placed under LIMITED ACCESS they required me to upload valid ids etc and one of their requirements is the billing statement of the credit card i used.

    Do anyone here know where can i get a billing statement of Smart money card (hard copy)? thank you 🙂


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