Use Keywords To Increase Page Views And Earn Money Online

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Do you want to earn money online?  Writing a good article is a good step but it will not necessarily drive traffic.  Likewise a catchy title can attract people but the question is who is out there searching for that particular title.  One of the most important principles in getting more traffic to your articles is to choose the right keywords.  Using keywords is one of the most important writing skills for online writers in order to earn money online.  But how exactly do you do this?

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What are keywords

Simply put, keywords are the search strings internet users type in the search engines to look for specific articles and content.  Recall the last time you used Google or Yahoo to look for a topic.  The words that you put in the search box are the keywords that you used.

Important Principle:  Some words or group of words are used more often than others.  Learning which keywords are often used for your topic will help you get more page views if you use them.

Tips to earn more using keywords:

  • Use keywords that are related to your article.  If you are writing about dogs, then use keywords about the solar system.  Remember, keywords help people find your articles on the internet. Online writing skills must include your ability to find the most appropriate words that users use to search the internet.
  • Choose keywords that are neither too broad nor too specific.  For example, if you use “dog” as a keyword, you can get different topics from raising a dog to dog food choices and what not.  Suffice to say, the keyword is too broad for users.  This may not get you the needed traffic that you want.  On the other hand, using a keyword that is too specific say for example “7 year old dogs named Fufu with only 3 legs and a short bushy tail” is too specific.  In fact, I do not know if anyone will actually use this set of words to search the internet.  Excellent keywords are those that can draw in the right type of visitor to your article.
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Deciphering Long tail Keywords to earn more cash

Writing articles that can give you more visitors can earn you more extra income.  This can be achieved when you use the right keywords as we have discussed above.  Let’s consider what we call the long tail keywords for a moment.  Although it sounds funny, understanding what it is can give more page views for your articles.  Remember that more page views will give make you earn money online.

Think of a long tail keyword as an animal.  It has a head, a body and a tail.  The head provides you with a general sense of what the article is about.  The body provides additional information pertinent to the topic.  The tail on the other hand gives your keyword string that special attention that your niche is looking for.  Here are some examples:

  • Instead of using “shoes”, try using “basketball shoes on sale” or “Cheap Nike Basketball shoes”
  • Instead of using MMA, try using “MMA training equipment”

Long tail keywords offer a more descriptive search string that users may use when looking for content on the internet.  Moreover, it is neither too broad nor too specific.  Your online writing skills will definitely benefit when you practice using keywords.

Important principles:  It is not simply getting many visitors to your article.  Rather it is getting the appropriate types of visitors that will find value to your published post. 

Articles that have content important to a particular niche will get read by these specific group of people more.  With the aid of choosing the right keywords, you give your articles tremendous organic potential on the internet.

Tips to earn more using keywords:

  • Using long tail keywords in your titles can help attract more visitors
  • Use long tail keywords in the body of your article
  • Make sure you DO NOT stuff your article with keywords as it may be seen as spam by search engines. Try to hit a 6% keyword density.

There are numerous sites and online tools that can help you look for the best keywords that will drive more traffic to your site or article.  Moreover, when you consciously think about what keywords to use, you will get a better perspective of how you can construct your articles.  With a well thought of post, you can definitely reach out to your specific niche and make money online faster than you expect. So add keywords to your writing skills and see the money roll in.

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9 thoughts on “Use Keywords To Increase Page Views And Earn Money Online”

  1. This is fantastic bro JP! Honestly, for me, keyword research and choosing the best long term keyword to drive the right traffic is just too hard to master. However, it’s not the end of the story for sure. Determined writers like us will always find a way to make it possible. Practice. I don’t have much of it. That’s why you remind to get my hands on the keyword planner and spend some time looking for the perfect world combination. Thank you for taking time sharing this to us!

    • Hi there Prime,
      Keywords search continuously morph. tis dynamism is reflected by the movement in the market, the internet searches and practically what users want to read and see and how much publishers are willing to pay for specific keyword strings. As we grow accustomed to using keywords, we can become more flexible to its movements. I am glad you found this Tip useful. I hope more of our motivators realize the importance of using the right keywords for their work. More power to all of us.

      • Yes, and I hope someone can write a detailed “how to” tutorials about keyword research here on Day2DayTips. However, I believe that there are helpful tutorials out there by SEO experts. Or maybe you can write your own tutorial here Bro. I am planning to write a series of tips here and I will be applying these tips of yours.

        I have realized that writing is not enough, top-notch articles that will generate money for the authors are articles not just tailored for the readers, but for the search engines to recommend them to the readers.

        You know thinking about the algorithm is intimidating, but just like you said, with constant practice and application, this could come in handy.

        • Right now, Google is one of the top search engines that people use. their system seems to be what is being considered when writing – especially those bent on going all out with SEO. With their revisions, page ranking has changed and many sites have been affected. Likewise, strategies on writing have evolved as well.

  2. When Iam writing, I am thinking of humans who will read the article, so I don’t mind too much about keywords. It’s a hit and miss thing! LOL!

    • Hi there @disqus_TX22UBwzf9:disqus, this shows that you really write from the heart. Not to say we cannot do that with keywords. Online writing has really morphed with the advent of search algorithms of search engines. you’ve been sharing fabulous tips and are in constant contact with your readers. That is a valuable asset to have in the online world. Keep up the great work. And I hope I imparted a thing or two about keywords that you can try in the future.

  3. argh!!! this I can not master… I have tried sooooooooo hard… to think of the right keyword and yet.. I couldn’t really “hit” the jackpot.


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