Updated Earnings, The Regular Perk and A User-Defined Homepage!

Every now and then, we are implementing changes, as soon as changes are implemented, we will inform you. The series of updates that we are doing, since last week, are things that will improve your experience on Day2DayTips, especially for the members who share great tips all the time.

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The Backtrack is complete. Please check your earnings, also, please observe your detailed stats table. Our system is pulling out data from our analytics page to your earnings page once every 12 hours.

We have reorganized our homepage to give you a wonderful experience. The “sticky posts”, as we have previously called it, or the “featured tips” as its most appropriate term, are tips you will see at the top. Featured  tips are manually chosen. While most of the tips are well-written, however, we will only choose the best amongst them. The extra dollar comes in and this is our REGULAR PERK! For example, if 3 of your articles are featured within a month, we will pay you extra $3.

What are the tips that qualify to be chosen as featured tips?

  • Delivers a timely message
  • Presents helpful tips
  • Grammatically correct
  • Optimized with appropriate images
  • Eyes friendly (well-formatted, key information is broken down into pieces, presented in subheading or lists)
  • If it presents sensitive information, it should be well-supported
  • Presents internal links (related tips) that will improve reading experience

A User-defined Homepage! That’s true for the rest of the items shown on the site’s home page! On the left side, you will see the most recent tips shared by our motivators. On the right side, you will see the most popular tips on the site. What made them popular? These tips are the most discussed tips of all time. It’s defined by our users, not the site’s administrators. I am sure you know what to do after publishing your tips, don’t I?


– Prime & The Day2DayTips Team

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Day2DayTips is the first Filipino blogging platform created for the whole world. Through this free collaborative blogging community, the site administrators endeavor to provide quality of life to its members and visitors. Furthermore, this will be realized through the sharing of practical day to day tips that is shared through the site.

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  1. I am having a problem with the format because of the ads. I want to improve on my layout but I just can’t. I am not sure if I can use html codes. (if I still remember them)

    And I have an issue. @Prime have you read my PM?

  2. Thank you for your continued updates and for communicating them with us. I feel appreciated as a writer because of this. 🙂

  3. Great info for all of us Headmin and this is very timely since we are dealing each day how to gave updates about almost everything. Good Day everyone…


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