Upcoming Winter Care Related Tips

Greetings My viewers, Almost countries of Asia now under the season of winter. Winter is such a beautiful season if you follow some simple steps. Wearing Warm clothes is such a common matter, beside body care our hair and skin both needs special care. Dry skin is common in winter, dry and rough hair also the common fact in this season. People buy different skin care chemical products from the market but beside that we can take care of our skin,hair and body Care inside our house.

Herbal or natural things has no side effects so its better to switched natural care. For the internal ย body ย warming, you can take honey with the bread in the breakfast. We can take honey with hot water or with lemon water as its good for our skin and body fitness. We can take body massage of mustered oil and the mustered oil is also good for hair care. Alovera is a natural best product for skin in the winter, its help your skin to be smooth and soft and dry free. Winter is the best season for eating oily foods and creamy foods, oily food has a good impact on our body. We can use honey for hair and facial too. Take winter season special vegetables for meal and maintain regular diet. A cup of hot green tea ย can supply lots of energy and warm feeling. Its also beneficial for our health.

Happy winter and take care ๐Ÿ™‚

13 thoughts on “Upcoming Winter Care Related Tips”

  1. We do not have winter in our country. But temperatures are relatively cooler. You have nice tips.

  2. think we are blessed not to have extreme temperature changes. Although it is getting a little more colder but it is by no means as cold as other countries. In spite of this, we all need to prepare for the cold weather. Many get sick during this time. The more we can prepare the better we can protect ourselves.

  3. It seem like more and more people are suffering from dry skin in the winter. I remember when I was young, I did not have dry skin. Today I see young kids with hand lotions and putting that on all of the time. It is a good habit to get into.

  4. I am eating barley now, as my cereals in the morning, I don’t know I can feel warm digestion after eating it. so good for me. Here the temperature is dropping down to 5 degrees…

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