Unique Wedding Celebration Twists To Make It Memorable

JPCMC Wedding Pix July 11, 2007

Everyone wants to make their wedding unique and memorable.  Of course you can go all out and have a nude wedding celebration at the beach.  However, not everyone will like it especially the minister or the father of the bride.  Although I know some who’d definitely attend one.  But before we stray into the world of bizarre wedding ceremonies and receptions, let’s talk about simple twists to wedding traditions and highlights that will make your wedding a little more memorable and out of the ordinary.

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Themed reception

Sure this is normal.  Often the couple will choose colors and even the setting.  But why not give it a little more personality and stand out.  Apart from choosing the colors or setting, why not go a little step further.

  • Ask the guest to wear certain colors that will match the theme.  Anyone attending will be charged for the food.  OK, that’s a little drastic but they should have a consequence like sing at the reception.
  • Choose a theme that the groom and bride like.  My wife and I like bears so we made almost every detail of the wedding bear-themed.  Instead of the usual pillow for the rings, the ring bearer carried a blue bear where the rings were placed.  The flower girls had baskets of flowers but with a bear in it.  Our tokens for the principal sponsors were also bear-themed.  We bought bears where we can record a message and they can play it back.  We recorded special message for each and it was a unique gift for our principal sponsors
  • I read about a wedding where the guests came in superhero costumes.  You don’t have to go this far but no one is stopping you.

Guests and their wishes

I often attend wedding where the guests are called to say their wishes.  This is a heart-warming part but we can still make this more interesting.

  • Wish tree.  A wish tree is just a tree where everyone writes their wishes for the couple and hangs it on the tree.  For those guests that are too shy to go in front, this is a great way for them to share their wishes without having to speak in public.
  • Sign sheet or guest book with a twist.  Often, guest sign in guest books in front of the reception all.  Sometimes it is passed from one table to another.  But we can add some spunk to this tradition.  Instead of a book or sign sheet, why not print pictures of the couple and put it as part of the table’s centerpiece.  Guests who sit on the table are given a pen to write their wishes at the back.  After the wedding, the pictures are collected and bound as a unique wedding reception guest book.

Giveaways and tokens

Apart from the token suggestions above, we can always say thank you to the people who attended our wedding in a special way.  Here are some ideas to make your wedding unique and special.  The common tokens include items with the couple’s wedding day info.  Our tokens were quite different – We gave seeds for the guests to plant at home.  They were placed in a bear pouch and a simple thank you note was inserted.

  • Give the flowers and decorations away as tokens.  Instead of just leaving the flowers and decorations behind, you may want to give them away as tokens to the guests.
  • Everyone likes food.  We had only around 100 guests for our wedding reception.  But we ordered food for more than 150 people.  The additional food was placed in take home packs for everyone.
  • You can give the selection of your wedding songs and music as a token to the guest.  Just write them onto a DVD or if you have the budget of it, put them in flashdisk.
  • Add a photo booth for instant souvenirs


Wedding reception presentation and décor

JPCMC wedding pix July 11, 2007

Oh, this is a usual and often boring part of the reception where we watch clips of the bride and groom as they grow up and meet.  Sure, it’s a fun way to recall all the happy memories.  Plus you get to see the old folks with tears as they reminisce.

  • Defy this norm.  My wife and I did not like the idea of having our childhood photos shown at the wedding reception.  But it was the norm.  So we made our own reception video to show the guests.  Since we are Star wars fans, we made it into a star wars theme movie complete with light sabers and make up.  We actually had one whole day to shoot everything.  I had to rotoscope the light sabers and it took me around 3 days.  There were tears flowing when we presented it in our wedding reception but mostly because of laughing.
  • Friends and family.  I made a wedding reception video for my sister in law and this one was just friends and family giving their warm wishes to the couple.  What was different was I included the outtakes which made it really hilarious.
  • To make it different, instead of having others say their wishes in a video, how about getting the bride and groom to say thank you to their parents and friends.  This is where one can put childhood photos and video clips.  With a little editing, this can turn out to be one memorable presentation and gift to the couple’s parents.
  • Instead of putting the life of the couple in the video, you can opt to print large format pictures of the bride and groom and post it around the reception hall.  Or print smaller ones and place it on the tables.
  • Table numbers.  Instead of using simple table numbers, get pictures of the couple at different ages.  Table 1 will show pictures when they were 1 year old; table 2 when they were 2 years old and so on.  Each picture may also include thank you messages from the couple.

My wedding is one of the most unforgettable events in my life.  No, I didn’t cry.  In fact, my wife and I were laughing our hearts out.  We had fun.  It was a special time for both of us.  And by making it unique, we share the fun and enjoyment with everyone.

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