Understanding Post-Partum Depression

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As the child grows, so is his/her need. A first-time parent would probably be in panic trying to figure out what the meaning of each cry. But really, more than those parenting books, the real life experience are any parent’s best guide. There may be times that the moms would find themselves crying with their babies for fear of not knowing what to do. But that’s okay. Women were not born with a parenting handbook with them. Some would have expected too much from them, but we must also understand that there are mothers who might undergo some psychological issues upon giving birth, and that is the post-partum depression. Post partum depression may range from moderate to severe clinical depression after child birth.

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What are the signs of post partum-depression?

  • Irritability
  • Anxiousness
  • Restlessness
  • Inability to sleep
  • Crying
  • Mood swings


Some mothers suffering with post partum depression develops a form of hatred to her child. The crying of the child may trigger this condition. For first-time moms, the work in taking care of the child can be overwhelming that instead of having the instinct to pacify the baby, the mother would cry along with the baby which then makes it impossible for her to take care of her own child.


Sometimes these mothers would feel a form of rejection since the people around them might be focusing more on the newborn, there could also develop a sense of jealousy. When this kind of condition is left untreated, it may no longer be advisable to leave the child with the mother as prolonged or untreated post partum depression may lead to psychosis.


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