Turn Your Home Office Into A Health Office

Let’s address the massive elephant in the room when it comes to office jobs. Office jobs are the preferred kind of professional occupation because, contrary to other jobs, they are relevant for a vast range of skills from creative marketing to excel master accounting. There’s one thing that office jobs are too: They are unhealthy. In fact, they have the highest rate of health complaints because sitting too much is not what the human body is made for. According to a previous article on selfhelparchive.com , excessive sitting can lead to posture problems, breathing difficulties, and even joint pains. In fact, the sedentary work style that office jobs have created is closely linked to an increase in heart diseases and dangerous weight gain. So it’s essential to tackle the costly mistakes of your work environment if you want to stay healthy. If you work at home, you can easily redesign your home office to suit your health needs. Don’t worry if you work in a town office; it’s something you can discuss with your manager and HR too!  

Sit and Stand while working

Change your settings

The main enemy of your health at work is the desk. No, that doesn’t mean that you should start working lying down on the sofa. But you need to look for alternatives to replace your sitting desk. Standing desks may seem uncomfortable at first, but with practice, they enhance your posture, joint health, and breathing. However, you might need to restructure your home office completely when you change the desk, as your shelves, sets of drawers and lighting may need to be replaced to fit the new desk. That’s why you should tackle your health desk as a home improvement project that needs proper budgeting and planning. You can find easy and fast options from unsecuredpersonal.loans if you’re planning a brand new home office setting. If you choose to repurpose existing pieces of furniture, you might get away with financing the work using your savings.

Start a healthy snack habit

Sitting all day is unhealthy, but it’s only one of the risk factors of working at a desk. So, once you’ve removed the sitting element, it’s time to tackle the next health risk: Snacking. In an office environment, people tend to be indulgent with their snacks as a way to reward themselves for a difficult task, or they undereat and compensate in the evening. The best way to look after yourself is to prepare a healthy snack for the day. Fruits, nuts and protein bars are among the favorites, but if you fancy something different why not try a string cheese, oatmeal with nut butter, or even seaweed snacks?

Take a break

We get that you might want to keep your bursts of energy for the gym, but it’s important to develop a habit of regularly going for a short walk when you work in an office, even if you work at a standing desk. Going for a short walk every two hours can help you to revive your senses and become more creative. If you’re stuck on a problem, just take a stroll down the park.

Don’t let your work environment have a damaging impact on your health. Looking after yourself is the best way to perform better. So, time to stand up for your health, at your desk, in your snack choices, and in scheduling your breaks.  

Image source: Wikimedia

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