Trust in the higher power

We humans are the only beings blessed with thinking power. We are given the opportunity to evaluate every situation. Life is not just about eating, and living life merrily. It is all about harmonious living with both nature, our body which is a machine and the other beings around.

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I am eternally grateful to the Lord to have blessed me and other writers and artists because we can convey the message of humanity across to thousands of people all over the world. A life devoted to serving others, charity (need not be monetary – it can be physical service), expressing solidarity, love and humanitarianism is what makes life worthwhile.

Many people pray just in times of need and if help is delayed, it is frowned upon and God is blamed. Recheck – only if you have a constant rapport with God filled with unselfish love, will your needs be fulfilled and life be automatically looked after by Him.


Trust in the higher power, trust in your conscience which is #HIS-MEDIUM

Bless you all

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2 thoughts on “Trust in the higher power”

  1. I find it really weird to see a lot of the elderly would be flocking the church. BUt when they were younger, some might now have been that “religious”. What is it about getting old that makes them have more time to be in union with God? I mean, having a good relationship with God should not be delayed.


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